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    Having been on Stage 1 now for over 1 week, and not even keeping 100% strictly to the diet, I can see how much my addiction to sugar and stimulants has governed every aspect of my life!!I already feel’clean’, my moods have calmed down, I find it easier to focus on work, I feel less tired. I actually was out of bed , showered and dressed for 6 today, whereas before all this I struggled to drag myself out for 7.I now seem to be addicted to things whch are cleansing- this is a first for me- for example, water, celery, nettle tea, red bush tea. Having experienced this in such a short space of time it seems evident that sugar was playing a big role in my life, throwing everything out of balance. The trouble is, now I feel a bit of a zealot and want to convert my teenage son -good luck with that! I feel that I just have to continue with this , its nice to be in control of things again!

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