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    The saliva or spittle test for measuring the amount of Candida albicans in the body is completely bogus and useless.

    The test shows up differently for different individuals because of what it actually measures, which is the amount and thickness of mucus. Mucus is of course affected by many factors.

    For example, even mild allergies or a cold can cause you to produce thicker than normal mucus. Of course, we all know that normally allergies go hand in hand with Candida but then again, not everyone with an allergy also has a Candida infestation.

    The consumption of many foods can cause increases in mucus; such foods as wheat, dairy products, meats, and certain nuts and seeds can cause the overproduction of mucus.

    Even a minor lack of hydration causes more mucus to form, therefore, if you didn’t keep yourself hydrated during the night, your mucus level would naturally be higher in the mornings. This alone would render the spittle test useless during the morning even if the test was capable of detecting Candida, which it isn’t.

    Poor elimination of bodily waste material causes extra mucus to be produced.
    But on the other hand, our mouth is one of the ways that the body expels some of the waste material, through mucus.

    Spicy foods can cause an increase of mucus. If you’ve ever eaten too much chilly and soon afterwards your nose started running, that’s just the body eliminating the irritants in the chilly by creating mucus.

    The shedding of dead cells from inside of your mouth; we have more of these dead cells in the morning because we drink less water at night to wash the cells out, so there’s more mucus containing bacteria, which means thicker spittle.

    The bacteria in the mouth in the mornings is at its highest count. The bacteria literally clump together in spittle, therefore sinking to the bottom of a glass of water.

    With this information you can see just how dependable the spittle test is when it comes to the amount of Candida you may or may not have.



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    Here’s a good video about it:


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