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    In this graphic we can see how only 10 days on Clindamicin is able to destroy the intestinal ecology. The recover takes a lot of time, probably years.

    Does it means that every person who take 10 days of Clindamicin get a intestinal fungal overgrowth ??

    No. Most people have an immune system active against yeast. Those people don’t develop fungal overgrowth in spite they may take long antibiotic rounds.
    Those who have acquired tolerance to the yeast develop CRC. Sometimes taking antibiotics, sometimes no.
    What is really important is the immune activity against the yeast, and it isn’t proportional to the state of the intestinal flora. With flora present, or without it, we can develop this syndrome if the yeast has surrendered the immune system.
    According to Dr. Truss, what cause the immune tolerance is the slow growing of yeast cells in the body for enough time to teach the immune system don’t attack it.


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