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    Like many I had great difficulty finding alternative breakfasts with no sugar. I cannot have a cooked breakfast daily (neither want one) as I have fatty liver and anyway a cooked breakfast would put more pressure on my liver. It is crucial to retaina healthy liver with candida.

    After much much research and googling I have now found a breakfast that is ok for candida and one that replicates what I previously had.

    Bran Sticks (sugar-free All-bran cereal) – available via with Blue Dragon Coconut-Lite milk (watered down still further with water 50-50), which is available from Morrisons or on the net. Stevia sugar if required (via Amazon).

    ‘Sukrin’ Sunflower and pumpkin seed bread (sugar free, gluten free, yeast free, wheat free) bread mix (via Amazon) – comes as a bread mix and with a tin baking tray -takes one & a half hours to cook. Tiana coconut spread (again via Amazon) with ‘home-made’ lemon curd (made from lemon concentrate, butter, eggs and Stevia sweetener).

    Chicory coffee (ok not as nice but acceptable), or ‘Twinings’ Lemon & Ginger tea.

    Pint of water with bit from a sachet of VSL3 pro-biotic powder & L-Glutamine (Lamberts) from Amazon, and a pinch of lemon juice mixed in. The glutamine is excellent for leaky gut as it repairs the stomach wall.

    Took me ages to find sugar free all bran. Hope this helps.

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