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    Last Tuesday after many months of illness an finally having gotten to the point I could no longer breath. I had felt like the most evil of all pneumonia’s had taken me and I was doomed to die. I was frightened, I won’t lie I had little idea what was going on, could it be cancer, bacterial infection, or some various debilitating disease. I had been to my general doctors clinic for similar type symptoms but the lungs had not yet been involved. I’m not getting into the details of the hospital visit it was rather harsh and I had actually removed all my IV’s myself and walked out the doors to be confronted by several squad cars and a dozen police treating me like a mental health patient escaped. Needless to say my visit there was enough to assure I will never go back again. Clearly some don’t know what they are doing. There was that one doctor though who was on to something. He suspected I had a fungal infection but he had no idea to what extent. Happily I went home that evening despite being wretchfulky sick and I painfully made it through the night. Next morning I was able to finally connect with my general practitioner and surgeon who knows me. He got it right away. Everything, despite a few questions he knew where to start. In my case I definitely needed more than just natural remedies. In fact I needed both of I was going to start breaking this illness down. Topic aside I’ve lost 18lbs in 6 days. Best diet ever. I’m still very ill as I write this but I can breath. I am detoxing, cramping, 102 temp, no more visible thrush anywhere, I’ve been having multiple bowel movements everyday. I don’t have any cravings to eat any kind of food so I do have to force something down once in awhile otherwise I’d be just as fine with only water. My main choice to go to is Greek yogurt and occasionally I have eggs and sausage it’s about all I can eat in very small amounts or I get sick. I take 3 trillion probiotics (6 pills) every 4-6 hours power flushing, apple cider vinegar every 4-6 hours, coconut oil, cinnamon extract, clove, ginger, and lots of fresh local honey. I may be going through detox at a forceful and rapid rate but if you knew how close I felt to death. They found fungus in my blood. I can’t tell you how bad it feels. It’s worse than the flu and pnuemonia combined. I’ve had Mrsa, I’ve had my hip and pelvis replaced. Nothing compares to invasive candida. It is the most evil thing that can happen to you and worse of all it sneaks up on you in a busy life you pretend not to notice until it’s too late. Most of you have and will never get to the point o reached. I gained 70lbs in 7 months and confused it with a hormonal problem. All awhile my doctors thought it was a pituitary tumor. If I can lose 70lbs in 7 months that will be great I won’t be too upset. I have learned a valuable lesson in gut flora and health I overlooked and that’s ongoing maintenance. Always once cleared continue ongoing maintenance and care for yourself with a healthy diet avoiding starches and sugars. Thankfully I have no cravings for any sugars and I despise the mere visual ascetic of any food or drink that I consider a threat to my well being. My life and yours is worth so much more than a sweet soft drink or a Rice Krispie bar.


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    Wow! And I thought I had it bad. Wishing you a fast recovery.

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