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    My naturopath’s secretary emailed this to everyone, and I wanted to spread the word. I thought you all would want to know this as many of you use/need homepathics to get better from candida.


    Hi everyone, I am sending you this information so that you can be proactive in helping us defeat this new legislation.  This is a brutal attack on homeopathy as a therapy and your ability to use homeopathics is on the line here.  FDA did not allow even 3 weeks for rebuttal.  So time is of the essence and this email is the best way to get this information public.  So please feel free to forward this to everyone you know who would be interested in challenging this with us.  Also, blast it on any public network you can.  We cannot let this go undefeated!  Thank you for your support.  If for any reason you wish to have your email removed from future notices like this, please let me know by responding to me directly.  Thank you again for your crucial support.


    Dear Colleagues:
    We don’t talk enough about our successes in the natural medicine field. You’ve heard me say that before. Now you must for the sake of our community.
    Our Healthy Future link was created to help you, your staff, patients and friends, and all of the public to easily state your opinions and provide your stories.
    I believe your help is needed to save the future of all Homeopathic and Natural Medicines.
    If you believe in divide and conquer, today you should be thinking about all natural products that are important to patient therapies, continuing innovation and your own lifestyle.
    NOTICE OF A HEARING to review the future of Homeopathic Medicaments was posted on March 27. A review of safety, risks and enforcement rules will take place April 20 & 21.
    Just 3 weeks of notice. Written submissions are open until June 22.
    I have prepared an easy way for you and the public to learn about the process and to respond directly to the FDA request for comments.
    Homeopathic products are not miracle drugs, but we do know how important they are to individualized and integrated care plans.
    I want you to send this link to everyone whom you think cares about this Freedom of Choice issue.
    We want interested PATIENTS, the interested PUBLIC and DOCTORS to all take 5 minutes to participate.
    Share the link with Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, all of your favorite web groups. Add your comments and opinions – please. Everyone counts in the public debate.
    Send it to your newsletter readers, school alumni, local newspaper, local news stations, neighbours, PTA…..
    Tell them your story. Tell them your opinion.
    Feel free to call me.

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    Ya I saw this.  I dunno what to make of it but its a very concerning that they are doing this and potentially suppressing the oldest form of modern medicine.  I think they are doing it because its a threat to their modern medical system.



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    Totally agree with you, raster!!


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    This one returns every few years, so the OP is just one installment in a series that’s been running for years, and that will probably continue for years to come.

    This message makes two assuptions, both of which are false.

    1. It pretends that an investigation into the effectiveness of homeopathy is identical to a ban on homeopathy.
      This is not true. An investigation into the effectiveness of a certain treatment is just that: an investigation into the effectiveness. If the treatment is found to be effective, it will be accepted. If the treatment is found to be uneffective, it will be deprecated.
      I think that’s a good thing, whether the treatment is effective or not.
      I also do not understand why the proponents of homeopathy are so afraid of research. If they believe homeopathy works, they should welcome any serious investigation instead of fearing it.
    2. It pretends that natural medicine is the same as homeopathy.
      This is not true either. The leading opinion in science is that natural medicine (well, maybe not all treatments, but certainly a large part of them) does work, even if homeopathy does not.
      Homeopathy and natural medicine are two different things. Even if one of them would be deprecated, there’s no danger to the other.

    I see no reason for alarm at all.



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