The Chicken or the Egg: Candidiasis or Lamisil Responsible for Autoimmunity?

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    Hi everyone!
    I’m sorry if this topic has already been covered, but I could really use some insight as I am going around in circles trying to understand my health situation. Here’s my story:

    I am a 24-year-old woman, and last year, in October, I visited a nail salon. All of a sudden, I got a fungal infection, which somehow exploded into a bout of candidiasis–the symptoms of which included fungal infections, rashes, bloating, a coated tongue, brain fog, and blepharitis. I hadn’t known at the time that Candidiasis was what I was dealing with, and so after several creams didn’t work on my feet and other areas, I was put on Lamisil by a doctor in January.

    However, around this time I was noticing worse symptoms–muscle pain, joint pain, fatigue, tightening skin, receding gums, anxiety and depression, thinning lips and incredible fatigue. As my fungal infection started to go away (no more athlete’s foot and the like), I started having collagen disorder/connective tissue autoimmune symptoms that were particularly aggressive based on what I ate or came into contact with. I immediately went onto the autoimmune paleo protocol, combined with observing a Candida diet, and felt so much better. But the symptoms continued to progress, and after falling off the bandwagon from my Candida diet (the two diets combined are just too restrictive to survive), my Candidiasis has returned.

    I’m faced with a problem now: Nothing I have tried is making my candida better, including observing the diet and getting plenty of rest, upping my probiotics, etc. Now I have Candidiasis in addition to my new yet still undiagnosed autoimmune condition (which seems to be symptomatic of scleroderma). What I want to know is, was it the Candida which triggered the autoimmune reaction, or was it the Lamisil? I have heard that Lupus patients should not take Lamisil on account of the medicine making the condition worse–there are also cases of Lamisil having created drug-induced autoimmunity!

    I will likely have to take more medication to get rid of this infection, as it is particularly aggressive–but if it’s furthering my autoimmune condition, what are my options? On the whole, is it safer to live with Candida forever, but doing one’s best to naturally treat it, or is it best to take a chance with the anti-fungal medications, in order to get relief and the hope of recovery from candida?


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