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    I think I have the beginnings of a stomach ulcer. My doc thinks so too. He wants me to go for an endoscope and put me on antacid meds. The first thing he tried was “Gi Benefits” which is licorice, slippery elm etc. I take it every day and its helped but not cured anything.

    Now I am wondering how taking antacid medication (probably a proton pump inhibiter) would impact a Candida diet?

    Probably next week I will do a round of Pau D’Arco and Cats Claw tea and if I feel OK, Oil of Oregano. All of which can help stomach ulcer apparently.
    Then I heard about cabbage juice to impact ulcer too. I am wondering how cabbage juice affects Candida?

    I am on week 13 of the diet. Getting better. Not “well” but slowly getting better. Last week I added some almonds back in my diet and had a few little sticks of carrot. So far so good. : )

    (added: I should add that I am not blaming the diet for the stomach ulcer. The ulcer symptoms appeared before the diet started.)


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    Not to sound like a broken record around here or think that everything is attributed to this but I just thought I’d mention it just in case there’s even a small chance it could help you.

    If you found that your candida and acid reflux/stomach ulcer started at roughly the same time, you should rule out black mold poisoning.

    have you moved recently, had a leak in your home etc?

    Black mold poisoning causes acid reflux and absolutely annihilates beneficial bacteria in your system thereby causing the candida issue as well.

    When I was poisoning by black mold back in April. I felt like I was getting heartburn/acid reflux from anything. Even a glass of water. I was taking bottles of tums etc. The acid reflux didn’t go away until I got out of that environment. Now it’s just a matter of fixing the remaining problems.

    That may not be your issue but it’s worth looking into. Mold toxicity is on the top ten list of candida causing ailments.


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    I’d say in all likelihood the stomach condition is caused by the candida. I had a similar problem. I was in agony. It was awful. My doc put me on ranitidine. It helped with the pain and let some things heal, but the underlying problem remained and maybe even got worse.

    The thing is, your body needs acid to function properly. Blocking it will only cause other problems. You’ll stop absorbing calcium. You can get B12 deficiency. There are many others. The biggest for you though is it will allow the candida to prolferate. Also, getting off antacid meds can be really difficult. With ranitidine, you can do it but you just have to go slow. I’ve had friends tell me that it is almost impossible to get off proton pump inhibitors. As you reduce your dose, your stomach lining cannot take the increased acid.

    And so here’s the irony. You’re whole problem might not even be caused by high acid. It could be low acid which is letting your stomach be more sensitive to what acid is there. Or it could be your stomach producing more acid to compensate for the lack of lacid in your gut.

    The truth is, doctors don’t really understand the digestive system. It cannot really be obsrved in action. They think about it as a conveyor belt, the food moving through each station. But all those organs are working in unison. Blocking acid is going to throw the whole thing off balance and keep you from getting better.

    You need to let your system return to its natural harmony, and to do that you need to treat tye root cause.

    My advice, not as an expert but as someone who went thrugh the same, I suggest you suffer through it. Avoid foods that will aggravate the condition–spicy, salty etc.. Treat the candida. Your body can do the rest. It knows how to heal itself. You just need to not get in the way.


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    Thanks for all the info.
    Just to reiterate though: the Stomach ulcer problem was not caused by the diet as it started before I started the diet. Actually I am convinced that it was either Alpha Lipoic acid or one of the other supplements I was taking because the problem started jsut after I started taking those supps.
    I am not convinced that Candida caused my stom ulcer.
    Thanks for the info on ppi’s. Thats a bit scary. Thats why I am hesitant to take them because I think they can do some harm to some people and I don’t want any complications at the moment.

    GI Benefits has helped me and I am gulping down lots of water so the past few weeks have been good. In fact I went out for an Indian meal tonight which was a little spicy and got no reaction.


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    It wouldn’t be caused by the diet. It would be caused by candida.


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    Candida might be a factor in most anything. I think looking back I have been dealing with it my entire life! Anyway, I developed an ulcer after losing my job (stress!), being vegetarian for 6 months and vegan for 2 months and taking HCL supplements and strong a Cayenne tincture I don’t think I needed.

    Hope some of these ideas bless you.

    Ulcer Supplements I think helped me then:
    (keep in mind I was not considering candida care at that time)

    -Mucosa Max Synergistics Essence of Life
    -Standard Process A-F Betafood
    -Planetary Herbals Digestive Grape Bitters
    • -DGL
    -Glutamine powder (I took Wellness Resources brand GI& Muscle Helper)
    – GI Soother (Wellness Resources Link to product)
    -Digestin a digestive enzyme from Progressive Labs
    (did not take because I did not want to take HCL again!)
    -Broad Spectrum Probiotic (I took Garden of Life Primal Defense)
    I want to take VSL again ?
    -MSM Complex (I took Wellness Resources brand)
    -Aloe/200X 500 mg capsules (I switched to Aloe King Aloe Vera Juice
    -Mastica 500 Mg ( I took Allergy Research Group Brand)
    – I I have also just added a daily gruel of Slippery Elm Powder mixed with
    BioActive 10+ Manuka Honey Nelson Honey from New Zealand
    Genesis Today brand of Juices
    Seabuckthorn (for skin and gums) and Noni for Pain

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