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    I must really bad at searching this forum, can’t find any tread about the very best / most optimal guide on how to enforce gut flora on the diet.

    Right now I’m doing the following:

    Probiotics: 1 capsule 30 billion units in the morning, one before bedtime. in between meals I use a less potent probiotic with around 7 billion units.

    I drink 1 litre of coconut milk Kefir a day (I’m getting a little rash from this, I’ll try some other milk), 2 small portions of A38 yoghurt (acidophilus), often eaten with a cucumber as pre-biotic.

    That’s it.

    Any more I can do? I really feel that the more I do this, the better I get versus eating anti-microbal foods with antifungal effects.


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    I don’t think the word “enforce” is the best word to use, maybe the word “promote” instead?

    We developed this general plan to get better which has a lot of items which will promote gut flora to grow:


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