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    Hello. I just received test results. One of the tests came back +4 for Candida Albicans. One year ago, I was also a +4, but that test specified ‘+4Saprophytic fungi’, which I am guessing is the same thing. The specific test was:
    Stool Cu. Fungi, Isol. & I.D. +4Candida albicans

    This has been my path in the last year…

    One year ago, I went on a candida based diet after some minor bloating, a little low energy, but not anything like the intense symptoms I’ve heard about on forums like this. So for about 2 months no refined sugar, no fruit, wine, grain, vinegar, etc. Basically meat and veggies and eggs. I also took a few different supplements for candida cleansing, I forget the specific names. Then at 2.5 months, I introduced some low sugar fruits: apples, berries. These didn’t create any problems.

    I introduced wine into my diet at about 5 months in, with no immediate negative effects.

    I have had no cravings for bread. I still haven’t had any refined sugar over the past year: the only sugar I do eat are from apples, dates and occasionally wine. No real sugar cravings. I still have maple syrup in the house and have had no desire to guzzle it. (And no, I’m not eating dates all day!)

    So I guess I’m wondering what’s going on with a +4 result? Generally, I feel better than a year ago, but not amazing. Bloating seems to be better—I do a lot of smart food combining…so no starches with proteins.

    Any thoughts?


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    I don’t think these tests can accurately predict how much Candida you have. Since it’s the stool tested wouldn’t it just be the amount of Candida in that particular bowl movement?

    My test for Stool Cu. Fungi, Isol. & I.D. was +1 Candida albicans , my ND at the time choose not to treat me. That was 2 years ago, I’m about 1 year into the diet and feeling much better, although I still have more Candida to get rid of.

    I know everyone is different and I’m happy you were able to heal so quickly, however from what I’ve read online it takes at least 6 months to get rid of Candida, and for most people the time is really about a year. Is it possible your symptoms have changed?


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    Thanks for your reply.

    So what is the most reliable candida test? I follow Ayurveda quite a lot in my diet and routine, and it sounds like many symptoms people think are from candida could be attributed to any number of problems with toxic build up in one’s system (in ayurveda, ama).

    Aslo, I’m not sure if I am all healed, as it’s tough to ignore a +4 result. I think I may need to go back to the strict diet, even though I have been eating very cleanly—no junk foods, no sodas, very minimal refined foods (organic rice or oat crackers).

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