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    Hi everyone,
    Here is a bit of information that I found to be helpful:

    2 years ago I got my gut bacteria tested. Through this test I discovered that I had zero growth of the Bifidobacterium and Bacteroides fragilis strains. These strains are considered “expected and beneficial”. I do believe that these strains were possibly killed off due to the heavy use of antibiotics as a child. Some of the roles of these bacteria strains include digestion of proteins and carbohydrates, manufacture of vitamins and essential fatty acids, increase in the number of immune system cells, break down of bacterial toxins AND the conversion of flavonoids into anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory factors as well as being an inhibitor of the proliferation of yeast.

    I have had Sarcoma cancer.
    Been diagnosed with the autoimmune disease, Psoriatic Arthritis
    Have had a yeast culture test and was considered in the abnormal range (candida)

    Coincidence or science? I vote science. I believe that not having those bacteria strains have lead me down this unhealthy road. BUT there is a beauty in understanding this as a science rather than thinking “why me?”. I feel that I’m no longer shooting in the dark with this knowledge. I have an understanding of where things went wrong in my body and I have every intention of making the corrections (even if it’s through trail and error).

    Recently I have wanted to test my gut bacteria levels again. I found this site that actually uses the data from your sample and provides it in a database. I think it’s amazing. You can compare your sample to different people living very different lifestyles. I am very interested to see if people who are missing the same bacteria strains that I am missing have also experienced similar health issues. You can also compare you results over time. I think it will be very interesting to test yourself before/at the beginning of a candida cleanse and then after about 6 months in. The name of the site is ubiome.com . I just ordered a test and am excited to compare it to my results of my first bacteria test (different lab). I hope that this information may have inspired you to test your gut too.



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    I think this is very interesting. I recently got a Metametrix Stool Test done, and am waiting for the full results. I got some partial stuff. What I know so far:  I have high levels of an enzyme called beta-glucuronide. This enzyme is meant to separate toxins from their conjugate bond and allows them to be reabsorbed.  This allows toxins to keep circulating in the body – which isn’t good. I know I also have issues with breaking down fat. All of this is really frustrating and ridiculous to me, since I’ve been on a STRICT candida diet for like 3 years, take supplements, digestive enyzmes, stuff to help Leaky Gut, etc. Not quite sure what else I’m supposed to do. But I’ll let you know what my full gut test says re: bad bacteria and candida (both of which I expect).
    What test did you have, and what did your full results say re yeast and bacteria?

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