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    I have never shared my story because it is very long and I dont want to bore you. 😀 But I want to post some test that have helped me so far on my journey to get better. This is because without these test I will never get better, even if my candida problem was solved. If your gut is unbalanced than many things can be going on, along with candida. For me personally I have parasite, candida, and bad bacterias. Parasites and candida tend to be found together, so it is not uncommon to have both issues.

    The first test I got down was a Comprehensive Stool test. They took three stool sample and checked for bad bacteria, parasites, and candida (along with other things). For me personally this was the best test to find Candida because it looks for microscopic candida. This test actually takes the stool and looks at it and see the candida. I found I had a sever overgrowth of candida, and 3 bad bacteria, with this test. If you have bad bacteria the lab test it with natural and medicine. This test is easy to read and there is a number you can call if you need any help. It also takes three stool samples so a problem will more likely to be found. However it is very expensive and no parasites showed up for me, even though I have some. I dont know whether this is because this test is not as good at finding parasites or if the parasites were not in my stool on those days. Here is a link to the website

    The second test I recently got done was from Metametrix. It also tested for candida , parasites, and bacteria. I found I had two parasites (one which they could not identify) and h pylori. However there was no candida shown. This is because this test is performed differently then the other test. The results for this test is given through DNA, which might not be as accurate for Candida than looking for microscopic candida. My doctor believes and so do I that this is a false negative , which happens often. Based on my symptoms I still have a candida overgrowth. It make sense that the last test would be more accurate because they actually looked at the stool and saw the candida rather than doing DNA testing. Though this test was able to find parasites where Doctor Data was not. Here is a link to the test

    Finally the last stool test is the best to get done if you think you have a parasite problem. The company is called Parasitology Center Inc and they specializes just in parasites. There is 40 different kind of parasites they test for. It, however does not check for candida. I believe there is one test that might test for candida, but it is separate from the parasite test and honestly they specialize in parasites, not candida, so I would use this company for what they are great at. I have not gotten this test done yet but I think the one you want it Parasite ID test (CPT 87169), but call to make sure. The price is only 105 dollars and the website says many insurances cover the test.
    Here is the website http://www.parasitetesting.com/tests.cfm

    There is one more test that might also be helpful if you think you have a heavy metal problem. It is also done through Doctor Data. Here is the link

    A website if you are looking for a doctor to help that does a more natural approach is http://www.acam.org. You might need to go through a lot of doctors before you find a good one.

    Sorry for how long this is and any misspellings. 😀

    I hope this helps someone!! I just wanted to share these tests because without them I would never have know there was something else going on in my body that was not candida. For me personally I will not get better just by fixing candida overgrowth. You are all in my thoughts and I wish you all the best health!!

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