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    My Doc in Boston had ordered a urine test for candida thru Great Plains Lab in Kansas, a very specilaized lab that does some unusual tests. He told me to go off my anti-fungals for a week or two prior to the test. I was so sick that I was afraid to go off all the way, I just cut down by quite a bit (this was before I started the diet).

    Just got the results back and they’re no surprise to me: high yeast/fungal metabolites….even while on anti-fungal medicines in large amounts.

    Since starting the diet, I have cut back significantly on pharmalogical anti-fungals, and have the first bit of relief I’ve had from this infection in over a year. My problem is that I keep eating a little bit of sugary junk once in a while (with immediate return of symptoms). I’ve so altered my diet from before, I’m sure you all know what I mean, but even a small amount of sugar totally sets me back, not to the beginning, but starts me having symptoms again. Sigh. Just have to keep to this diet 100%! ITs tough.

    I need a 12 step program or something!



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    I am sorry to hear about your positive test results! I guess its a good thing to know what exactly is the problem with your body…not everyone goes and gets a test to get a positive result.

    If you want to get better faster, you should consider “sweating” out the toxins via the skin, the bodies largest organ. You can do hot tubs, steam rooms, jacuzzi, hot tub, or even hot bath to sweat out the toxins. This can significantly reduce or eliminate die-off symptoms.

    After you get to about the 4 months point, you will be teatering towards feeling really good most of time instead of feeling bad; it all takes time but eventually your body will heal. This is if you heal at the same pace as myself who also had it really bad.

    I highly recommend trying out my teff bread recipe underneath the coconut bread recipe for nutritional properties during your time on the diet. Its a difference maker for me between having too little and too much energy.



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    If your stuggeling with the sweet tooth,I highly recommend trying both Xylitol or Stevia. The stevia I list comes in a little packets and it last a long time for the price. The xylitol i list is more expensive but a very good natural sugar subsitute.

    It will not replace the process foods that come with sugar but it will help with the sweet tooth. Adding it to something like Oat bran is a nice breakfast.




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    I am sorry that you have a bad infection. Your not alone 😀 Knowing this helped me. I know it can be difficult especially when other people think it is okay if you cheat a little. It gets easier with time because your taste buds do change. What helps me when everyone else is having a treat is thinking the if I ate anything bad I would be hurting my body and after words I would be disappointed with myself. Being healthy is wroth giving any type of food. When I do get a sweet craving I will have something with stevia in it (check out the recipe section for snacks on the forum). You can do this!! I know you can because I have and I use to live for sweet things. Another thing that helps me is thinking about all the people in the world that would kill just to have a meal, yet I feel bad because I can’t have something I want.
    You are in my thoughts,
    Lots of love to you,


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    I know how you feel about the sugar craving. It is like I don’t have an off switch. I managed a candida diet -though not this one- and I did get rid of all my symptoms. Then I relaxed and began to eat, drink etc. and the symptoms came back. Now I am back at the beginning trying for a second time to get through this. It may help to think about it from that angle. When you fail now you just have to keep starting over. It is so much easier to be strong the first time. I am only on day four of the detox diet -the veggie version and it is not easy. My heart goes out to you and just keep going!!!


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    Thinking of you! Actually I am in a 12 step for another issue and it really helps to apply it to this. It’s how I got to and almost through day 8.. Thank god for good support, good people and forums like this. I do this thing one meal at a time sometimes and it helps…


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    Hey man I feel ur pain trust me, if anyone has been discouraged the most about this whole Candida overgrowth thing, its me. I’ve been through hell and back with this diet, and have learned lots. If you would like I can give you the program I am currently following, by posting it on here. I would feel more then happy to share my knowledge with you because I have had lack of willpower when it comes to dealing with Candida overgrowth for a very long time. It wasnt until I got extremely angry at myself for failing the diet once again that I stood up and stayed up, so let me know if you’re interested. Hope all goes well – hang in there!


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    Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the support and advice. I’m re-committing to this effort. I feel so much better than i did, and I want to continue feeling even better so it’s worth it. I need to add coconut bread to my diet, that willl help. Raster, thanks for the tip, I’ve noticed that when I work out (which isn’t often due to fatigue), I start itching a bit when I get really warmed up, probably as I’m sweating it out. It sounds much more advisable to sit in a steam room somewhere! Thanks again all, nice to have the positive support. Lynda

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