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    I am new to this forum.From past 1-2 years i have been suffering from candida like symptoms and chronic fatigue.But no doctor has been able to tell the reason.Recently, the result for my spit test was positive.Now i want to make sure whether its candida or not.In india there no specific candida testing labs.So I am providing links to list of tests.Please tell which tests i should go for.You can use test code given on left side of test.

    Links : http://www.lalpathlabs.com/testDetails.aspx?Search=Infectious%20Disease%20specialist&&tid=10

    If you are not able to find certain test please use google for test name like “lal path candida or lal path fungus” lal path is lab name


    Note:I have Gilberts Syndrome but all my Liver related test are fine.Also I have been on liver diet but the results are not very progressive.

    Also, I know test like iga,igg,igm,candida culture,swab are used but there are some many test like these on the list I am totally confused.If you know any other lab or doctor in India regarding candida then don’t hesitate.

    I am in grave need of help.My whole career is tumbling due to this.

    Name : Ankur (17 years old)
    Location: Jammu and Kashmir,India

    Please help……

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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