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    I am new to this form. I am going to start Candida diet. Can i drink hot tea?? I know coffee is not allowed. But wondering about the tea??/


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    It`s my understanding regular tea is out. (I miss my afternoon cup!)
    I have peppermint tea, hot water & fresh lemon juice & green tea.


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    Tea is definitely out, but herbal tea is ok because there is no actual tea in herbal tea, and therefore no caffeine.

    A few of my favorites after MUCH experimentation:

    – Tazo Sweet Cinnamon Spice. This is an amazing morning beverage because it has more oomph than any other herbal tea I’ve tried, meaning it doesn’t taste watery. It has a faintly sweet flavor due licorice root, which is nice because you don’t have to add any truvia. I love this tea, which is weird because I hate licorice! This is the best coffee substitute I could find.

    – Tazo Wild Sweet Orange. This is not as sweet as the cinnamon tea, but is excellent if you add a little truvia. It’s almost like drinking orange soda without the bubbles.

    – Mount of Olives Treasures, Jerusalem Mint with Pomegranate. Also not sweet, but tastes delicious without any sweetener.

    All of these are caffeine free, and all are available on Amazon.


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    The only problem with teas is that they naturally contain small amounts of mold/fungi. If you can reduce the use of tea until later in the diet…this would be best. If this is one of your few cheat items, then its not the end of the world.

    I was really sensitive to molds for awhile, and I just found one that contains low amounts of molds after 5 different brands. If its organic, there will be less mold as well.


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