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    Many natural antifungals such as garlic, oil of oregano and GSE has other “benefits” such as being a overall antimicrobal.

    At the moment, I’m not on a strict diet, not taking antifungals. Just eating a few slowcarb foods together with a lot of green vegetables, fish and the diet-allowed foods that i’m not allergic to.

    I’m not cured, just saying that I feel a lot better, and can eat most things without any reaction. It only flares up when eating antimicrobals such as raw onion – First I feel really good, and some hour after I get bloated and old symptoms return. Tried the same with nystatin, felt good overall, and had no flare-up of symptoms afterwards. The same goes for probiotics.

    The reason for me not following a strict diet is that I’m trying to figure out why I and some of my family get CRC, so I’m looking into mercury and moving to a new apartment without mold present. Meanwhile I don’t use diflucan/nystatin/strong probiotics and diet to “save up” potency of these things.
    And now I just feel fine.. Just by eating healthy/more normal.

    After reading about a guy who got cured by only taking nystatin orally and with enemas, not following a strict diet, my next step is to take antifungals that are medical grade antifungals and see how it goes. And of course following the candida diet with probiotics and all. Just no natural antifungals.
    Any one had similar experiences? 🙂

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