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    I now the best results are immediate detoxing and sucking up the die-off symptoms. However, I have children that I care for and a newborn nursling. The nursling is actually the reason I decided to do the candida diet, he has thrush, and I have thrush of the breasts and tongue. I don’t believe I have it too bad since I have only had 2 yeast infections in my life, both occuring during pregnancies, which is how I believe my nursling picked it up.
    So, today I woke with bad symptoms (after being on the diet for a week) and decided to stop them by eating a small amount of sugar. This worked almost immediately to prove to me that it was die-off symptoms. I know this is the worst thing I could have done but having these symptoms are not only undoable for me as a full time mom, but can actually be bad for my nursling since toxins I am detoxing can exit through my milk supply and into him.

    I have been taking Kyolic Garlic Formula 102 for candida as well as eating a 3 tablespoons of coconut oil with each meal, and using GSE on me and the baby. I figure if I can eat sweet whole foods, then I can stick to this cleansing plan. But I know this will be based on how I feel and will make this decision for myself.

    So my question is not whether or not I should do this, since this is the only way to get rid of our thrush for good, but how can I go about doing it without detoxing too bad? I never had intentions of going through the first week detox (because of baby), but have been avoiding all “bad’ foods. Could I just skip to the part for the reintroduction of foods part and while it might take longer, could it still work as long as I up my greens to alaklize my body, stay away from gluten, refined sugars and products, yeast, and mold foods, but eat a small amount of fruits, and sweet vegetables? Thank you!

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