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    Hi all,

    I’ve looked through this website & it by far gives the most informative advice. I started the diet a few days ago, and due to being a veggie I’m finding it VERY restrictive.

    What I wanted to know was: Is there any harm in me taking anti fungals & probiotics in Stage 1?

    The only reason i can see against it is that it will make the die off symptoms much worse, but i’d much rather suffer severe die off symptoms for a week and be able to reintroduce things like beans & berries after 4 weeks, rather than wait 6/7 weeks.

    Any opinions?



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    As far ad I see it, you are the best judge of what is best for you, by listening to your body and understanding how it’s reacting to what you’re doing.
    Some of the potential die off symptoms will be harder to cope with than others, so see how you get on.


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    Greetings Rjv23. Welcome to the forum.

    Of course you’ll end up making your own decision about the fungals & probiotics. Personally, I didn’t do that right away, especially not just four days into the diet, even though I was aware that I could if I chose to, after all, who was going to stop me? But nevertheless, I decided against it, and I waited a few weeks. And once I experienced that first die-off day, I was very grateful for whatever it was that made me make that particular decision. That was one long, miserable day and one which I’ll never forget.

    So if you do decide to go ahead and do this, please invest just a small amount of money in two products first. Both of these should be easy to find at just about any vitamin or health food store.

    The first one goes by the name of Candidate by Native Remedies and another great one is called Molybdenum. Both of these work to greatly lesson the terrible effects of die-off. Candidate helps with the brain fog as well as the sick flu-like-feelings, and Molybdenum helps with detoxing your body from the toxins that are released during die-off.

    When Candida die they release extremely potent toxins which are called aldehydes. The aldehydes do not belong in your body and are in fact toxic to the human body. They enter your liver and can cause great stress to that organ, and of course they make you sick in the process. Molybdenum is excellent at aldehyde toxin removal, so please consider purchasing both of these items and start using them at least two or three days before you start the probiotics and antifungals. Keep in mind that, if the die-off is severe enough, patients have been known to pass out from the release of toxins.

    Good luck, Able


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    Hi NeekyNo & Able, many thanks for your replies.

    I actually created the same topic in a different section of this forum which is why I’ve not looked at this one for a while.

    I’m almost at the end of week 2 of the diet and I went through a pretty heavy die off about 5 days into the diet. To be honest, I can’t see any difference in my symptoms.

    Due to the complete lack of energy i have I’m going to include beans/pulses (lentils), porridge and berries to my diet from week 3. This should mean I have a semi normal diet, I can’t really go on without these for much longer. (I’m a veggie as well, so no meat allowed)

    In terms of natural anti-fungals, I’ve been taking Virgin Coconut Oil & Garlic tablets every day.

    Able; I’m a bit suspicious about taking other non-natural medication to help kill the candida overgrowth. As i’m hopefully over the worst of it I think I’ll be OK sticking to the two I’m already taking. Thanks for your advice though.

    I actually think that from next week when I reintroduce beans, pulses & oats I may actually stick with it for 3 months as it’s a very ‘clean diet’ & gives me sufficient protein/carbs.


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    Hello, rajv.

    I don’t take prescription drugs either, I use only natural products.

    Just so you know and for future reference, the Molybdenum is one of the essential minerals which the human body needs and is found in trace amounts in vegetables that grow above ground. It’s just that when the human body is going through the stress of a Candida infestation and so many toxins are being released by Candida die-off, extra amounts of nearly all nutrients are needed.

    As far as the Candidate is concerned, this is also a natural product. It contains pau d’arco, which is an herb, marigold, and lemon grass.

    Some of your lack of energy can still be coming from milder die-off symptoms. Extreme hunger which can’t seem to be satisfied, yet having no appetite, is also a sign of die-off as well as the Candida itself.

    You said you didn’t see any difference in your symptoms after the die-off. This is perfectly normal for most. All that means is that you still have a lot of Candida in your system to rid your body of.

    I also hope you’re over the worst part of the die-off, but I expect you will experience it again – but hopefully milder. This is especially true if you continue the coconut oil and garlic or add another antifungal.

    Good luck.

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