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    Hey Guys

    I have Type 1 Diabetes and severe systemic Candida. I dont know where to start. My symptoms make me feel helpless and hopeless, like the insomnia and agitation that the candida causes. Since I have Diabetes type 1, I’m lost as to how I’m suppose to cure the systemic candida. I’ve read blogs on how to get rid of candida, but not to sure because this is diabetic systemic candida. Its ripping my life apart. I’m 25 years old and its making me upset because I want to go to college and get an education and enjoy my life. Please point me in the right direction. Appreciate each comment.


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    As far as I know conventional medicine treats systemic candida, if that is what you really have. I would recommend you see your MD. They can give you pills which are absorbed into blood or they can inject antifungals directly.


    Now Gone
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    Hi Adam,
    I’ve had candida most of my life. Please read some of the extensive other posts I’ve written. I would personally not do the antifungals that MD’s prescribe as they only work temporarily and the candida will just come back. The antifungals are really really really bad for your liver so as well as having candida, diabeties you could end up with liver damage. Understand that candida yeast is a normal part of your body, you are supposed to have it. It’s not a foreign invader. It has overgrown because you have too much sugar in your body because of the diabetes. It feeds on the extra sugar in your body that’s not supposed to be there. It’s really doing it’s job of trying to clean up your system, but it gives off a toxic waste product that makes your sick. You have to get your diet squeaky clean and healthy. I know it’s a drag not being able to eat or drink like everyone else, but you will feel so much better in the long run. You can’t just rely on the insulin to take care of the sugar. You need to basically eat lean meats, veggies (mostly non-starchy), very few fruits and at first only low sugar fruits berries, granny smith apples, etc. You need to exercise walking or biking is good. You need to take a good multistrain probiotic and also add the prebiotics for the good yeast to feed on FOS. I’ve found yams and black beans are also good starches the good yeast feed on and they probably don’t affect your sugar the same way. No banannas, sweet fruits pineapples, mangoes, peaches, or white potatoes, diary (sugar in milk) or cheese, ice cream, bread pasta, pizzas refined flours, no prepared or packaged foods, no sugar, etc. This seems like a hard diet but it’s simple and if you learn to fix your own food, just a little, nothing complicated. You need to eat only whole foods that agree with you. Things that grow in the garden or come from animals. You won’t find a pizza in your garden. Look at Paleo diet web-site or the web-site. You will need to eat this way the rest of your life. The bad yeasts will die off and balance out with the good yeasts. It is all related to sugar and your diet mainly.

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