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    Hey everyone, i am pretty sure ive have candida for a long time but id like to try to confirm on here to see if anyone can help or guide me if i do have it.
    First off ive had deep stringy acne that you can only see in certain lights and i can squeeze my face mostly , chest and shoulders and pus will come out from all angles. Possibly yeast overgrowth from all the bad food i ate all my life? Ive developed that acne when i was 17 and it hasnt gone away at all, ever.

    2nd is, i was dianosed with adrenal fatigue in 2012 but then recovered. Now i am in a pregenolone steal from a parasite possibly stealing my hormones. A Chiropractor that is very expensive for me at the moment told me this from my blood work..

    Couple of things going on, Monocytes and eosinophils are functionally high, 9% and 5% respectively could be indicative of a parasite and/or food/environmental sensitivity, You white Blood cells are functionally low as well at 4.9 which again could be consistent for a chronic parasite. DHEA for your age is low, while blood cortisol is elevated. You are in a pregnenolone steal phase, where your DHEA supply is going towards cortisol production. Acute stress, GI inflammation, that parasite, and other issues, not blood sugar cause it looked pretty good if you indeed did fast for the test. Interesting, your saliva test weren’t elevated, nor were they extremely low. Again, both suggest an “adapted response” to stress. So to answer your question: is this adrenal fatigue? No, it is a stage 2-3 maladapted low reserve to stress, with a pregnenlone steal, and perhaps some kind of infections driving Monocytes/Eosinophils
    Your free testosterone is low. However, total testosterone, LH, and FSH are all normal, so your not necessarily having a signally primary problem in the Hypothalamus/pituitary, which signal the release of testosterone. It’s more secondarily. Plus, these are blood values, I like much more the saliva values of testosterone, LH, and FSH. I also noticed your liver enzymes are slightly elevated as well. This is where hormone production predominately takes place. Fix these first.
    ou have some sluggish kidneys its seems too. Listen these are mostly functional ranges not laboratory ranges. So a lot of doctors will miss these. Meaning, you’re are suffering, and I’m going over it with a fine tooth comb. Another thing, is your total triglyclerides in relationship to cholesterol is low, about 30%, should be between 40-60%. When its this low, perhaps an autoimmune condition is going on. When I have an autoimmune patient, I’ll typical try to fix the fundamentals. Blood sugar levels, an infections, an anemias, liver issues, kidney issues, get that person off gluten, dairy, and corn.

    So, i got an Mono test done and it shows ive had it in the past, which i dont remember being sick and dianosed for mono when i was in high school or ANYTHING. The numbers for ECV igg and another one is very high. So i heard that , that means theres bacteria in bmy blood.
    I also did a urine test. Bacteria showed up as ” few ” in my urine and casts too.
    I am 195 lbs and i look fat compared to 3 years ago when i was 195 lbs. Same weight. Just a bloated stomach and face. I know something is going on. I also cannot work out due to crash within 5 days or so of exercise. My muscles dont really get sore anymore. My sleep is better, but its still hard to fall asleep and stay asleep the entire night.

    AS of right now, i am taking threelac probiotic and 3 drops 3x a day of Oil of Oregano. When i started the oregano i have little itchy bumps that pop up in my skin???
    The candida ” Spit Test ” showed very stringy saliva that sank right away too.

    If anyone can help me out. Feel free to leave a comment with questions or suggestions. I have lots of blood work.

    Thanks in advanced.



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    The spit test should not be used for diagnosis:

    I recommend checking out the candia5 test for diagnosis and then you’ll be able to decide whether to do the diet and address yeast.



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    Thanks Raster. Are u interesting in emailing for chatting? I am in need of help to fix this issue along with my infections and or parasites.

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