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    I’m wanting to start Able’s diet but I’ve been trying to manage my symptoms for a while now through diet and supplements, so I don’t know if I just stop everything I’ve been doing and start over or if I should skip detox and go right to the strict diet, or something else altogether. I’m also wondering about whether I should stop anti-fungals, probiotics, and supplements until noted in his protocol (assuming I’m starting all over).

    Here is where I am and how I got there:

    1) I eliminated all gluten, dairy, corn, nuts and sugar last summer.
    2) Been on Vit D3 (was deficient), Multivitamin, Fish Oil, and Evening Primrose Oil for a year now.
    2) Early June, this summer, I eliminated all grains and potatoes. However I added almond flour and butter and my body seemed fine with it. I also started using some honey.
    3) Early August I eliminated fruit and honey. Experimented with stevia and raw almonds.
    4) Early August I eliminated almond flour, almonds, and stevia.
    5) Since June been on probiotics from Ultimate Flora.
    5) Mid July started two broad spectrum anti-fungals from holistic chiropractor (Paracid Fort & FC-Cidal) and selenium
    7) Very recently upped to 50 bil count Ultimate Flora probiotics
    8) Very recently started Enzymes, Iodine, Milk Thistle, Vitamin C (just before I got Able’s protocol)

    So to sum it all up I’m already eating only the foods on Able’s diet (less actually at this point) and taking the following supplements:
    -Multi vitamin
    -Fish Oil
    -Evening Primrose Oil
    -Ultimate Flora probiotic
    -Paracid Fort
    -Digestive Enzymes
    -Milk Thistle
    -Vitamin C

    Also, can I find Molybednum at pharmacies or do I have to go online? It wasn’t at the natural food store in town.

    Thanks so much!


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    Well it seems like you’ve already been doing the diet and antifungals for awhile now, so I would just do our strict diet with what supplements you are doing already.

    The detox does not come close to killing all of the candida and doesn’t really impact your recovery that much.

    My only suggestion is to consider trying HMF neuro and SF722 in time and these will bring you great benefit and are the best two products I have used.


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