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    I started the protocol about 3 months ago, and after the first month my symptoms weren’t getting much better. I also didn’t get a lot of die-off symptoms but cut out everything against the rules diet wise (and haven’t cheated!). My naturalist doctor prescribed be a short round of prescription antifungals, and over the next month my symptoms went away. These were

    – acne
    – bad breath
    – headaches
    – anxiety
    – brain fog
    – etc.

    However, after a few weeks off the prescription antifungals my symptoms started coming back. It is stressful not knowing why. I only added in small amounts of apple cider vinegar and more green peppers, but that’s all I can think of. Thoughts?

    P.S. I got a test and my inflammatory markers are way down throughout my body, which is good. But I think I may have sensitivities to dairy (probiotic yoghurt) and eggs, but I include these in my diet because without them it would be too hard to get in my calories…how bad is it to keep eating sensitive foods?


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