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    I have been having severe problems with my lips for over a year already. I wake up some mornings and my lips are burning and look like I had botox treatments! By the next day they start to crack and peel and when they are really bad I get sores in the corner of my lips. It takes over a week to start to heal and then it basically starts all over again. Most days it’s a struggle to open my mouth wide enough to eat.

    I’ve been to a dermatologist, dentist, allergist and even my ob/gyn who tested me for a strain of herpes which came back negative. All the other doctors were at a loss as to the cause but prescribed creams and ointments that were useless. I don’t wear lipstick anymore and changed to an anise based, natural toothpaste.

    A few months ago I went to a nutritionist who said I was toxic and had candida. I was on a very strict diet and did a cleanse and felt wonderful but now that I’ve introduced some foods it’s starting again and it’s been SO difficult to pinpoint what’s causing the problem. I had a bout of candida many years ago, so I’m thinking that’s the culprit. I don’t mind eliminating certain foods if it will help, but I’m just tired and trying to find out the exact cause.

    Has anyone else experienced the symptoms I described above? Did you determine it was caused from candida?

    Any information is appreciated.


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    Well, that could be a food sensitivity to any number of food families. While you were in Stage 1, were you eating any nightshades (potato, tomato, peppers of any kind, paprika, chili powder, eggplant)? Lip swelling is a common reaction to nightshade allergy/sensitivity. If you think that might be it, take all the nightshades out of your diet for at least 2 weeks (please Google to make sure I didn’t leave any out) and then test yourself with a small serving of one. If you’re okay, add more. Some people need to hit a certain amount before they get symptoms. If you’re able to eat quite a lot of these food a day or two into the test, and have no symptoms for 2-3 days, then the issue probably isn’t nightshades. Sorry, that’s about the best I can do. Hope it helps!


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    According to me I will suggest you to use Vaseline as a good lip plumper, but use whatever chapstick you have to keep your mouth moisturized at all times. Moisturizing ur lips is the only thing that will help you lot… it will make your mouth feel nasty for awhile. but from this point on even if it is lipstick, keep those kissers hydrant~!~


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    My lips are extremely sticky and have been since the candida symptoms started to rage (just because of the diet I think; I don’t remember doing anything else that would cause the candida to spread). I’ve had actual candida overgrowth since birth, but 2 years before it got obvious.

    It looks unusual to me but I experience no pain whatsoever. Those lips are like glue and it gets worse proportionally to my candida symptoms (it is not due to any chemical exposure, I’m 100% sure about it) and it really causes problems with speaking.

    My grandma says she’s seen Dr. Oz recommend coconut oil for dry lips and seen him hate on the conventional lip balms and similar stuff.

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