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    I’ve been on the (website) diet for 2 months (in the past few weeks transitioning to the stricter forum diet). My diet has changed so drastically and I wonder if anyone can comment on reducing sugar cravings, as even though I hadn’t touched a sweet apart from yogurt (and berries, pears more frequently in my 1st month) I am still having ridiculous sugar cravings. I had read other people saying that sugar cravings subside after a few, or multiple weeks, but it surprises me how bad this is for me. Can someone please share any helpful info on suppressing sugar cravings?

    [Part of the reason I was eating berries, pears was due to the fact that I’m still breastfeeding and taking the diet very slowly in order to ensure that I am taking in enough calories and necessary nutrients to maintain a stable enough milk supply for my little one.

    I still have not noticed a reduction in symptoms after 2 months and I believe this may be in part to occasional brown rice consumption, or having eaten food offered by family members at gatherings that aren’t diet-approved (fried chicken or potatoes or something is usually the case..maybe 2x a month max) I also haven’t been able to confidently begin an antifungal regimen yet as I’m afraid of die off symptoms affecting my baby or the antifungals passing into the milk and having a negative effect on her. I hope that in beginning that, that I will start to notice a difference.]

    Thanks for any comments


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    Acupuncture is a great way to reduce sugar cravings and it can help re-balance the body and heal the body all at once. I would consider this to aid in your sugar craving woes.

    There’s two supplements I just googled for sugar cravings; one is L-glutamine which we recommend on the forum for healing leaky gut, and the other is chromium which is a trace mineral.

    Here’s another search result:


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