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    I’ve been following Able and Raster’s protocol and strict diet for four solid months now. I haven’t even so much as looked at anything sugar, bread, or mold. However, at the start of my fifth month I will be on vacation over seas in Thailand. Not being able to cook meals at home is a concern for me. I plan to do my best and search out safe foods such as vegetarian dishes and seafood (mainly shrimp, fish, and crab). The diet portion of this dilemma will have to unfold on it’s own. But what I could really use your advice on is- if you were at my stage of progress, and you had to choose only a few supplements to bring with you on a trip to counter act eating ‘bad foods’, which ones would it be?

    I’ve heard Milk Thistle coats the liver, would it protect me against a few sits of beer?
    Marshmallow Root and Slippery Elm is said to provide a coating of gel in the intestines. Would that help against foods we’re suppose to avoid?
    Extra Caprylic Acid after every meal?
    Make sure to remain on Molybdenum on this trip?
    I would love to bring my probiotic supplements, but I don’t have anyway to store it in a cold environment while traveling.

    Only eating from restaurants in Thailand really puts me out of control of the diet. Even if I was to only order vegetarian, I’m sure there would be some soy sauce, or sugar involved. Let alone all the temping foods on rice, or noodle dishes made from rice noodles. I’m also hoping food in Asia isn’t as contaminated as it is here in the western world. So GMO, hormone, antibiotic meats hopefully won’t be such an issue as I’ve only been eating organic here at home.

    Anyway. Your advice could really save me from ruining this STRICT regiment I’ve been on for the past four months. I’ve made so much progress, and would hate to throw it all away from 2 weeks of fun. For those of you who have strayed from the strict diet for a few days or a week. I’d really like to hear of the affects you faced and what you did to recover and get back on track. But mostly importantly, what supplements should I bring with me to prevent foods from the ‘Bad List’ from ruining my progress? Perhaps when I get back I can detox for a week, along with a parasite cleanse.

    Any general tokens of advice would help really. And I’m glad to have had this forum to study through this past year. I thank you all of you sincerely.


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    For any future friends who dig up this thread. Also look into SueSullivan’s similar post on diet and vacationing- However I won’t have the option of bringing food to cook as I will be sleeping in hotels.
    Sue, if you’re reading this, I can really relate to all that you’ve been fighting. My main ordeal with fighting Candida is due to battling Rosacea from extended use of antibiotics. I’ve been blending the Candida Diet/Protocol with the GAPS diet to kill the fungus AND heal leaky gut. All of your posts and responses have help me tremendously.


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    I would take all of your supplements while you are there. I would drink hard alcohol instead of beer or wine, beer or wine will greatly benefit the yeast.

    The most important thing would be to get a high strength probiotic while you are there (100+ billion cfu per capsule) and this should mostly keep any setback at bay.

    If you want to feel good while cheating I would focus on your liver and giving it some milk thistle or other herbs (such as teas). I am unsure whether molybdenum is necessary or not because I haven’t taken it before.

    The probiotics should last pretty good without refrigeration for 24 hours or so.



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    Thanks a lot raster. That’s really good advice.

    if anyone else has ideas of additional supplements to take for eating/drink I’d love to learn.


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    Hi Oliver,
    I took bacillus coagulans with me on my vacation. It doesn’t require refrigeration. I’d stock up on that before you go and like Raster said, try the hard alcohol rather than beer or wine. I has most of a whiskey a couple times while on vacation without noticeable ill effects (though I tried three or four sips of tequila recently and felt like utter crap for hours, so take the alcohol very slowly.)
    For the liver, I’d bring milk thistle teabags, Molybdenum and nettle leaf extract and I’d drink the tea daily and take the nettle leaf extract daily. Might or might not need the molybdenum but I’d rather have it on hand in case I started getting dieoff. I’d consider anti-fungals as well to keep the candida from resurging in case you can’t keep your carb levels down, though I don’t know if it’s less productive to take anti-fungals once you’ve gotten past the worst of the infestation and are focusing on probiotics and building up beneficial bacteria.
    How is your inflammation level? If you think you might react to foods on the trip, I’d bring some supplements to support the gut — Yucca is supposed to be supportive of the intestinal lining and I take that, as well as turmeric capsules for their strong anti-inflammatory properties.
    Good luck with it,


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    I think as far as alcohol goes it would be best to stick to either vodka or gin and try to avoid sugary mixers like soft drinks and maybe try just mixing them with club soda and lemon/lime.


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    bacillus coagulans? Okay I’ll look for that.

    If I decided to celebrate with alcohol I’ll make sure to take it straight up. And thank you for the advice on this. If you haven’t said anything, I definitely would’ve assumed beer was safer than hard liquor as it’s milder.

    I’ve been alternating a strict regiment of antifungals for 4 months without taking any breaks or cheating with sugar or any kind of bad foods whatsoever. I honestly don’t know how long I’m suppose to keep killing candida for. So I’m thinking to stop the antifungals after 4 months (could use advise on this), and keep on with high probiotics and focusing on leaky gut supplements from here on out, then conclude after 6 months.

    In conjunction with the Candida Diet and Protocol, I’ve also been doing the GAPS diet at the same time to heal my leaky gut. All of this is to heal my Rosacea really …

    For years I’ve been eating food and getting a red face after every meal. So I’ll use this vacation to see if the sun and food still causes my Rosacea to flare up.

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