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    hey yall so i got mega flora probiotics but its only 20 billion should i be taking 4 of these a day or 2 ?

    also what do u think about uva-ursi ?i read somewhere ts good for candida .

    i also am interested in this quercitin supplement for bladder pain but it contains bromelion which i know raster and able advised against so i probaly shouldnt take it or do u think its not that bad ?
    also my black walnut extract and swedish bitters have alcohol ahhh i know is it ok to finish bottle and then switch brand ,im not taking the walnut extract every day only once every few days cuz im not trying to cause major die off ?
    thanks guys sorry 4 the spelling error’s


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    I would only take two of the mega flora right now. Uva Ursi I took and its a natural diuretic, it caused my kidneys to not be so great. It stressed them. If you use it only use it for a week at a time. Yes definately a no no for the alcohol in the bitters and walnut


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    bromelion should be fine. Are you thinking of Berberine?
    I don’t think Able would be against Bromelion.

    (just between you and me….I think you’ll be ok to finish your alcohol based supplements, they are too expensive to throw out, the small amount of alcohol you are getting from them shouldn’t “feed” anything.)


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    Were you taking probiotics before the megaflora? I would take whatever doseage you were taking before this brand. If you are just starting probiotics, I would start out with once capsule per day.

    Eventually you’ll want to work your way up to a larger doseage (3 per day) or more but keep in mind the more you use the costlier it’ll get.


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