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    Is it OK to eat sugarfree candy on candida diet? You know, where the sugar has been replaced by sweeteners and fibre.


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    Hi 🙂

    According to the 5 step program the only sweeteners allowed are Stevia and Xylitol. A lot of the sugar-free candy contain sweeteners like erythrol and according to the program that one is acceptable to. It is important to note though that sweeteners should not be a part of the diet during phase one (the cleansing).

    I´ve checked sugar-free chocolates out and it seems to me that they contain other ingredients besides sweeteners that are not good for candida. Take this chocolate for example:

    It contains something called oligofructose which I don´t know what is….but is does end with the word fructose…which is sugar…
    It also contains something called soy lecithin (soy is on the to avoid list) and natural flavors…what does that contain?

    So for me I think I´ll stay away from them for now. There are simply too many ingredience I don´t know.

    I hope my reply helped in some way – good luck with your “get rid of candida” journey 😉

    Best wishes – Anna Jóna

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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