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    I decided about 2 weeks ago to have another go with S Boulardii and am currently taking 20 bill daily plus 145 bill probiotics, which is included together. Prior to that I was taking SF722 as my main antifungal and small amounts of coconut oil plus 300 Bill probiotics.

    Generally, I have had much more energy on S Boulardii and have been feeling great and don’t know if this is because I’m not taking any antifungals. I’m really scared about undoing progress made by not taking any antifungals but understand that they cannot be taken simultaneously with S Boulardii.

    The downside is I have had massive sugar cravings and have unfortunately been cheating 1-2 times per week for the last few weeks which is really disappointing because prior to that have not cheated at all! (I’m on month 11). Straight after a cheat/binge I take betaine HCL. I also take 600mg milk thistle daily.

    I’m just scared/worried at the moment and obviously feel defeated after eating junk food.
    Should I keep taking it? If so, for how long? Do I eventually go back to taking antifungals?


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    Maybe SB feeds on sugars??

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