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    I’ve been on a diet for more than three months and I’ve been taking antifungals for two and a half. I have used two big jars of Coconut Oil among other things. Up until now I haven’t gotten any die-off symptoms at all.

    One week ago was the first time, and since then it has continued. I get very bad nausea, brain fog, a flu like sensation, stomach ache (especially after taking coconut oil) and one time I even threw up.

    How is it possible that I’ve, literally, shoved down spoons of Coconut Oil without the slightest discomfort in the past, and now this? Any ideas?

    Well, now I can feel the remedies working. Would molybdenum help with nausea?


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    This is very interesting because I haven’t really heard of this happening months later…it typically starts right away or within a few weeks at the most.

    I have a few theories about why this is happening. The first is that via the coconut oil, diet, etc…you likely tilted the gut so that its no longer is a beneficial environment for candida to live in. So maybe thats why it is dying off now…

    The second theory is that candida had some kind of biofilm like barrier that prevented it from being killed, and you slowly eroded it, and then bam, its starting to die (way more than before).

    A third theory is that your liver got too taxed so now you are having die-off symptoms because you didn’t protect the liver with milk thistle, molybdenum, etc. Some people notice an improvement even without die-off, the goal is to kill the candida without die-off. Some people with really strong livers don’t experience die-off…

    A fourth theory is that you cheated big time and fed the candida and now you are killing the new candida that grew. It sounds like this did not happen.

    Sweating out the toxins can help. The herb ashwaganda (mispell) on the vitamins post can help with anxiety, nausea, depression, etc.



    Topics: 47
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    Thank you, Raster. Your theories was very interesting to read. What seems most likely to me, but I can’t be sure, is the two first options 1, my gut has become an unfriendly environment for candida/bacteria or 2, disruption of the biofilm.

    I tested my liver one and a half month after being on the diet and the doctor said it looked fine, but maybe it can go quick to “destroy” it, even without die-off symptoms ..? I don’t know.

    The cheating part I can say no to, for sure. It’s been the same all along. Veggies, eggs, sometimes chicken or fish, sesame- oliveoil or ghee. I had some mistakes right in the beginning, but I soon realised what I was doing wrong.

    Thanks for helping! 🙂 It’s about time I look in to ashwaganda, milk thistle and molybdenum. I was maybe a bit naive to think I didn’t needed them since I didn’t experience die-off. But, I can’t turn back time so I’ll just keep moving forward.

    I just remember, I had mucus in my stool a day ago. Is this a sign that something is dying or something is growing stronger?

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