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    After doing fine running 30km per week I decided to switch for a Keto diet. After 5 weeks on it I can still not run 2km without being exhausted although my mental ability is better. This might be fine since it takes time adjusting according to many sources. However some days ago I got hit by this insane stomach pain where it felt like some ripped my gut open with a machete. Since then I have been feeling slight pain and a feeling like something is destroyed in the gut.

    I have taken a really strong antibiotics round two years ago I am still recovering from which I have understood are strongly associated with Candida. I did the test for Candida in the Candida Cure book and got the result 200 where 140 were really likely I got Candida.

    The food I ate before getting the stomach pain that was unusual is fermented kimchi, some strange goat cheese, greek yoghurt and mushrooms. Neither of these I had for a long time before I tried them all in a short period of time.

    Is this pain normal if I have Candida? Can the pain come from something else? Is it good to be on Keto while having Candida problems?

    Any input is highly appreciated. I am massively confused and a bit worried about the pain so getting some advice would be great.


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    I wouldn’t consume mushrooms on diet and save those for later, it likely was the mushrooms. If you eat good and bad food at same time, this might happen. The probiotics and the mushrooms likely reacted to eachother.



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    What’s wrong with mushrooms?
    Why would they “react” to probiotics?
    Why would probiotics “react” to mushrooms?

    What does “react” mean anyway?

    This sounds highly vague and theoretical to me. I would appreciate an explanation.


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