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    Hey guys, I join you well and truly on the path to recovery, after more than four years of turmoil…and fruitless visits to my doctor.

    I realised about a month ago that Candida was almost certainly the cause of all my symptoms and have been on a strict diet for the same amount of time. I’m doing well but still dealing with ‘die-off’ symptoms regularly.

    Anyway, just recently I have found the energy to get back in the gym, like I was doing six days a week before being poisoned with acne medications, and I have purchased some protein powder that contains the artificial sweetener ‘sucralose’. If I had known it was in there I wouldn’t have bought it, but now that I have it I don’t want to waste it, and I would like to know if it will affect a strict candida diet? I’ve also read that it can kill gut bacteria.

    Does anyone have any information they can offer?


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    I would not consume it because its basically like eating sugar, but its a fake sugar which has never been tested on humans for safety…



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    This is what Dr. Mercola thinks of sucralose:

    Sucralose dangers

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