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    I had candida really high for years and tryed loads of things
    And diets, few months ago a middle eastern friend of mine
    Adviced me to try olive leaf tea
    I listened to his advice, got my self a supply of olive leaf
    Both powdered and loose leaf and drunk it 4 times a day
    For 2 weeks, in that time I also quit sugar and IT WORKED!!!
    I also advice you to try eliminating any stress in your life
    Especially during treatment
    The olive leaf I tryed was from Jordan, apparently it’s better
    Because of the age of trees in the area and low pollution
    Brand was called [REMOVED]
    But there is enough brands offering olive leafs so feel free to explore
    So here’s my wisdom for you guys
    Good luck and good day


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    Your the 2nd person i have read the used the olive leaf as a cure, was that all you used?


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    Yes it was all I used
    I was drinking powder version in the morning
    And leaf during the day, I recommend boiling leafs for few minutes with little water rather than pouring boiling water and steeping
    It’s honestly AMAIZING and on top of that it gives you loads of energy even though it’s caffeine free
    I suppose the tree that symbolises Peace is capable of bringing Peace to your gut 🙂


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    I simply don’t trust you and I think you’re selling it on ebay since there is only one available from Jordan “Fights Candida and supports digestive system”.

    I would like I am not right, but whole approach you made is ridiculous. “I had candida really high for years ” … if you did have it so long, I guess you would know few more words about infection…

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