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    Hello everyone! It’s been about 4 months now and I am happy to say that I went through it all and I am now on the other side. I’m better! So don’t lose hope! It only seems like no one gets better because once they do they stop coming to the forum.
    It wasn’t easy though. I was bloated to hell. My body screamed for sugar. I became too weak to go to work. I thought I had an autoimmune disease. I fell into depression.
    So what helped? First of all, get some blood tests done. I personally was deficient in iron and vitamin D. Getting those deficiencies sorted out helped tremendously.
    Then what? Go for the cultured vegetables. I first saw real improvement when I started including cultured vegetables in my meals along with water kefir. The milk kefir messed with me.
    Go hypoallergenic. Meat. Vegetables.
    Don’t go too low carb. That’ll mess up your thyroid.Try squash or pumpkin.
    Heal your leaky gut with L-glutamine.
    Chew your food at least 30 times.
    Have patience. I went too hard with the anti-fungals for the first couple of months. I thought I could nuke the beast and be done with it. I don’t think that was a very good idea. It hurt to walk for a while.
    Know that gluten is implicated in no less than three auto-immune diseases. Avoid it like the plague.

    The most effective anti-fungals for me were garlic, pau d’arco and GSE. These kill parasites too. If you feel like shit afterwards give your body a day to flush out the toxins.

    Four months ago I couldn’t eat so much as a single carrot without having a terrible reaction. But now I can eat anything I want including all fruits and sweeteners. So keep it up! You will get better!


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    Thanks for the words of encouragement, and thanks for coming back to share your success!


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    Good for you! I wish you the best moving forward. You deserve it.


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    Hello Soon,

    I am happy to hear you’ve made such good progress in such a short time. There’s always room for improvement, so if you wouldn’t mind, please share the supplements and vitamins you are taking.

    At this point, I would consider trying out SF722 which will make you feel even better (if you haven’t already).



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    I would use the Candida Force by Dr. McCombs. It’s the same as the SF722, but less expensive.


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    congratulations, could you please tell me how you used these antifungals?dosage? 3 times ad ay ar meals? bedtime?die offs? did you rotate or take themn all at same time?
    many thnaks for yr imput

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