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    If I treat my adrenal fatigue, I often find that there is little symptoms of candida and overall feel pretty damn good. Thing is, I tend to do stuff that prevents me from beating the AF in the long run.
    I like to be social, and my friends often invite me out – and every time I have to struggle with judging if I can go or need to rest. Judgement is one thing that commonly goes haywire when I suffer from AF – and I really need people around sometimes when im sick. So I get these to very contradicting things. Being social often cause that I hang around for longer time then I should, thereby not eating every 2. – 1½ hour, or going for a longer walk then I should etc. (yea, its that bad). On top of that, I have to go to my courses and this maintains the cronic AF.

    What do you guys do? How to balance? Do you also suffer from this lack of judgement/mental unsureness?

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