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    Hi all,
    after being on the strict diet (vegetables, eggs, spirulina, coconut oil, ACV) for about 3 three weeks I bought some coconut flour and ate too much right away..first two days I had it there was bloating, gas, loose stools and diarrhea..then the third day along with a fairly big amount of coconut flour I had tons of ACV, after which my body almost immediately reacted with all the symptoms from before (but more intense), nasal congestion, extremely sore throat, watery and burning eyes, even some shortness of breath..after an hour or two I as back to normal but it was scary for sure, the symptoms came so suddenly and were so intense..can this be die-off due to the huge amount of coconut which is an antifungal? Havent had any problems with coconut oil. Or maybe the fiber? I mean coconut flour cannot be feeding the Candida can it…?
    Anyway, stopped coconut flour for 3 days and had 2 teaspoons yesterday, with some gas and bloating right after..otherwise it was fine. Should I stay away from it for longer (how long) or increase the amount gradually as long there are no bad reactions? Thanks for the input!


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    Everyone’s body is different. Yes, it’s possible that all that coconut flour caused a reaction. Try it again (in smaller amounts) and see 🙂

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