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    Hi everyone,

    I am on day 45 of the strict diet.
    I have only just now started taking the dosages of vitamins listed on the strict diets Vitamin section.
    Since taking a full round (not even at maximum levels) I have had extreme fatigue!

    I literally mean, after a full night’s rest, I wake up, take my vitamins after a meal, and then 2 hours later cannot function. Today I had two 3-hour naps and I had to force myself to wake up each time. I only took one round of vitamins this morning.

    I came across another forum that suggested this fatigue is a side-effect associated with overdosing on vitamins, but I have done research on the levels suggested by Able900 and none of the levels or types of vitamins suggested (in combination with each other) would lead to the toxicity they are suggesting.

    I would just like to know if this is normal, if it will pass, if there is anything I can do about it? It is extremely hard to function like this.

    Note: I am taking chelated molybdenum 3 times a day (750 mcg/day)


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    Im not an expert on this by any means but it might be your body is so toxic and your digestion is poor that the vitamins arent being absorbed and used by your body effectively. What I mean is they may be toxic to your body at this point and its too much for your system. Can you try cutting the dosages? I know at first they would make me sick but now I take alot of different vitamins and minerals and my body is able to handle them.


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    That sounds very strange James may b right extreme fatigue has become the hardest thing for Me to deal with as I have many responsiblities I actually quit the diet and started it again due 2 not being able to function I then found extra vitamin c 5000 mg and milk thistle / molybdenum has eased it a bit

    Yet I am still very tired no matter how much rest I get! Good luck!


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    The way I look at is your body is utilizing the vitamins and is healing further…healing takes a ton of energy and these vitamins may have been the missing piece of the puzzle.



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    Have you checked the ingredients of your vitamins and made sure that there is no hidden sugar?


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    I’m also in this boat and I’m on day 63 but its been happening for about 16 or 17 days now. If I leave the house to go to the supermarket or anything I’m sometimes not sure if I’m going to make it back as it feels like I need to lie down and have a nap on the street (I live virtually next door to it). As with you, I’m okay(ish) for a few hours in the morning, but after that I need to take repeated naps and by about 8 o’clock in the evening I will be an absolute zombie. It is really severe, crippling fatigue.


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    I really wonder if it’s something you’re eating…have you changed your diet at all or are you eating a lot of carbs/stuff from the website diet but not the strict forum diet?

    I know that before, when I ate something I shouldn’t that was difficult to digest or triggered a leaky gut reaction, I would literally start falling asleep in the middle of things.


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    Ok, so I have used a mix of everyone’s reply to find an answer.

    According to different websites, higher dosages of vitamins DO in fact cause fatigue. This happens similarly to why women have fatigue during PMS. It is basically the sign of an over-worked liver.

    Read more here:

    If you choose to read the article I hope that it does not discourage you from taking the vitamins.
    In fact, now that I understand the problem, I am being proactive in finding a solution that allows me to
    a) Fill the void of vitamins I was missing (as Raster suggested)
    b) Not put me in a coma

    Earlier on I was taking a few vitamins and not being put into a coma. The vitamins (and dietary supplements — please, also assume the standard anti-fungals etc. associated with the strict diet, as I am talking only about dietary vitamins etc. I don’t want to list everything) I was taking for weeks were the following:

    Vitamin C (Rosa Cania): very low dosage
    Fish Oil: one pill a day
    Folic Acid: 800mg per day or 200% DV
    Astaxanthin: 4-8mg per day

    I have taken these in the past, and they had not and were not producing a problem.

    This week I introduced the following vitamins at HALF the daily dosage stated in the strict protocol.

    Vitamin A: (in tablet form because I couldn’t find it in a gel
    Vitamin D3
    Vitamin K2 (mk-7, non-synthetic)
    Vitamin C

    Yesterday I experimented of the idea of treating this situation the same way I would treat my anti-fungals when they would cause too much die-off. I would label this strategy: protect your liver.

    When I felt the first onset of drowsiness I took 300mg of Chelated Molybdenum (for die-off), 2 Spirulina tablets (to help my immune system), and 1000mg of vitamin C. I didn’t fall asleep. In fact, I stayed up for hours and then couldn’t fall asleep. I took another round of vitamins to help me sleep (6-7 hours later) and even that didn’t put me in the usual coma.

    The next day I took a FULL round of vitamins (four hours apart) and tried to use the same strategy (taking Moly, Vita C, and Spirulina) to see if it worked on a full dosage. Most of the day I stayed awake, but after I went to the grocery store on foot carrying two bags I went back into my coma.

    From this I learned that vitamins do indeed expend a LOT of energy, especially for the liver. Since we are on the diet we don’t have extra calories to burn (I only do yoga and maybe push up and 5-minute ab workouts nowadays — I used to run back to back half marathons) so it is taking up a lot of our bodies to process this.

    I am going to keep playing around with vitamin in-take times until I get it right or my liver adjusts.

    This week I will be doing the following:

    In the AM I will do my normal routine of kefir + original round of supplements + anti-fungals + meals.

    In the afternoon I will repeat.

    In the evening (when I have done all the paperwork/errands for the day) I will take a half dosage of the coma inducing vitamins. That way even if they do put me in a coma they won’t ruin my productivity, I won’t be expending any extra energy by moving around, and if it does put me out, it will already be bedtime anyway.

    I will keep everyone posted because I don’t want to scare everyone away from taking vitamins.

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