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    Hi everyone,

    For several months, i have had bloating, indigestion, severe heartburn and a feeling of food just “sitting” whenever i eat. I have started going to a functional medicine practitioner, who after a long and detailed questionnaire, said the symptoms i am experiencing point to me having a possible Candida overgrowth. She also mentioned it seems i have low stomach acid. She started me on a Candida diet, and a variety of natural supplements to help with the overgrowth and to heal the digestive tract.

    It is day 8 now. I hardly eat much because i feel somewhat de-motivated at the current food choices, but when i do eat, i tend to get full so quickly even if it is something small, and that feeling of discomfort as if there is something “stuck” in my oesophagus. I also find when i swallow, it is uncomfortable. Some other symptoms i have noticed include fatigue, racing heart and my blood pressure is elevated. Lying down or resting seems to help with that, but this generalized feeling of weakness, and constant feeling of being bloated even when i haven’t eaten much, is starting to bother me. The sad thing is i feel worse now than before i started the diet.

    Could this be Candida die-off? How long does it take to start feeling better?

    Appreciate any input.


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    Hmm honestly when die off occurred for me it was like I had a flue. I find that’s how it is usually in people. I was extremely weak, fatigued, felt like I was feverish as well.

    My digestion pretty much shut down overnight and I began to get increased food sensitivities, bloating, and acid reflux, and fungal rashes. The diet helped to regulate all of that, though I had to go on the most extreme/restrictive one. It was such a pain in the ass to stick to it but it was far better than bloating and experiencing these food sensitivity reactions.

    Granted none of the symptoms truly disappeared until I killed off the Candida. Whenever I cheated it would flare up again. I was able to keep all die off symptoms at bay with a proper protocol and supplementation. However to even begin killing the Candida I spent about two months just strengthening my body. After that I got rid of my systemic Candida within a month with little to no die off symptoms. I WAS chugging a lot of supplements for that though haha.

    Considering you feel even worse before you started the diet I suggest you backup and have your practitioner review what you’re taking. There are methods of preventing the individual from feeling the die-off, and chances are you may not even be ready to kill that Candida. Because I honestly felt like shit when I first started to kill the Candida and my professors at school called me an idiot for not prepping properly for it haha.

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