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    Hi, everyone-

    New to the yeast circuit, so your comments are appreciated.

    Received my results from Doctors Data. Indicates no dysbioc yeast or bacteria. It does find “moderate” microscopic yeast, which is a secondary look beyond the normal cultural. This test was conducted over 3 different days. The yeast is Geotrichum spp.

    Given the amount of my very intense, long-lasting symptoms (4 years), this report doesn’t feel all that significant. Could “moderate” yeast in the intestines really give me the 25+ symptoms I’m facing? FYI – the rating scale for yeast is none, rare, few, moderate, and many.

    There’s also a parasite -Dientamoeba fragilis trophs. It has the rating of “few.”

    Finally, the beneficial flora is pretty weak: NG (no growth) for Lactobacillus, +1 Enterococcus, and +2 Bifidobacterium. Obviously, need some help there.

    This report seems pretty underwhelming. Am I wrong? I do score very highly on candida/yeast symptom questionaires and have reacted harshly to a couple of antifungals in the past.

    Thanks for your time.


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    The stool test is not best diagnosis. I would look at the candida complex test which determines whether you are allergic to yeast or not. If you are allergic to yeast, it means you are not fighting it. You then can take candida immune hypo-sensitization shots if desired.


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