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    Hi Everyone,

    Recently, I have been suffering from severe side pain (that worsens with walking) and as a result, visited the doctor. I had a stool sample test that he said was completely normal, but it stated, “moderate yeast present”. Does anyone have any opinions on this? He was completely unconcerned. I had the stool sample test because I had been noticing stringy white material.

    I should also mention that I’ve been suffering from anal itching, constipation, bloating, indigestion and general malaise. I recently began to take omeprazole. I have a high sugar and alcohol diet, though I am technically underweight. I used to have vaginal yeast infections while in college, but have not had one for a long time.

    Should I start an anti-candida regimen or am I just reading into things? I am pretty bummed out and disgusted about all of this.


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    Sounds like you need to clean things up and get healthier imo…if you want another test as verification, I would try out the candia5 test.


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