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    I’ve had Candida for six months, and I’ve got this Candida diet under control, or so I thought. I have continued to have symptoms from day one, mild to not so mild. I eat only meats without sodium injections, and only green vegetables that are listed on the diet, plus ACV, Oil of Oregano, from which I experienced terrible die-off symptoms after starting, and various other herbs and vitamins. Still, the Candida persisted. I was literally racking my brain trying to figure what in the world I was doing wrong. “Finally” … today I discovered the culprit. I’ve been using a particular brand of Stevia to sweeten the water I drink which contains the oregano oil as well as two to three times a with my ACV water. The pack clearly reads, “Stevia in the Raw” … but today out of the blue, I decided to look at the pack to see if there were any other ingredients. Much to my surprise, this brand contains Detrose. What on earth made a company with supposedly ‘healthy alternatives’ to sugar decide to put this in their brand?

    So, please read those ingredients before you purchase this product.

    Happy dieting, Sky

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