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    i’m not a huge sweets person, but i do like something sweet once in a while after dinner or whatever.

    i have been using xylitol to make little treats up until now, and i love it. but i have heard from various sources that it can do a number on your good bacteria, which is the LAST thing i want to do at this point. so i’ve been trying to switch to stevia.

    the problem with stevia is, no matter what brand i try, it makes me feel like puking for hours afterward. the taste is just vile to me, for one thing – i can think about stevia hours after eating it and literally gag. i’m not 100% sure if it’s the taste or the stevia itself that makes me feel sick.. but i simply can not use it.

    (it’s sweetleaf, which is only stevia and water – so it’s not the additives.)

    any recommendations? i am hoping to not have to give up my once in a while sweet treats altogether.

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