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    Once I understood the symptoms of candida I realized that I had been suffering from candida for years. I consider it basically, a case of nasty, bad stomach flora, with a yeast base. A good quick read I was reffered is the book Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management by Bernard Jensen. The title says it all & they are giving them away at Amazon.
    In the long run this bout with candida will be a good thing in the sense it sure is motivating me to take better care of myself by consuming proper food.
    Now whats going on is the bad flora is leaving me. No sugar & they have no food, which means the yeast flora & company of the same ilke will be gone. I’m not on a diet. Pretty much I have any food I want. If i really want the same foods as the bad flora, I’ll eat them. I want & crave things I like. Not what the bad floras wants. And a total side benefit is I have lost a solid 12 pounds with more on the way off.

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