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    Hi everyone.
    I was writing to get some advice for my diet in relation to the amount of work I have. I think I’ve probably had candida for over 10 years at some level. I’ve spent time as a veggie and vegan and for a long time have eaten in a healthy way. Except obviously still having grains in my diet has meant I haven’t rid myself of the candida as I didn’t realise that was a problem.

    I’ve started the diet and gone straight to phase one. But I’m a little confused by the advice saying leave things like coconut bread or buckwheat until a few weeks in, and yet there seem to be others eating it from the start.

    So I wanted some advice from the experts on my diet and lifestyle.
    I’m a teacher, and relatively new. I work very long hours. Generally I working a little over breakfast from about 7 onwards, right up until 4.30 or 5, and then usually a couple mroe hours at home through the week. I also have to do some work on a Sunday.
    I like to exercise and do some kung fu and chi kung and occasionally yoga and cycling.

    As for my diet I want to know if I can eat a higher level of meat straight off in phase one, as well as buckwheat, so I have enough energy for my long days.
    Generally my meals look like this:

    2/3 eggs and some veggies such as sprouts or greens.
    One HCL capsule
    Vit E capsule
    B complex capsule
    cod liver oil
    Molybdendum (I have the liquid version, 3 or 4 drops in a small bit of water)
    Probiotic and coconut oil
    Swedish bitter

    Turkey salad with avocado sometimes.

    Dinner: chicken or fish with veggies.
    Molybdendum (I have the liquid version, 3 or 4 drops in a small bit of water)
    Probiotic and coconut oil
    One HCL capsule
    Swedish bitters

    I’ve also recently been taking a supplement to support my adrenals as I sometimes get a discomfort at the bottom of my back and with the tiredness I thought this might be a good idea.

    If I were to eat buckwheat for breakfast and stick with turkey for lunch and meat with my evening meal am I stopping healing or just making it slower?
    I find I can get very tired at the end of the day. Part of this is inevitable with the strains of the job I guess.

    Any input much appreciated.

    As others have also said its amazing to see people give so much of their time to help others. Thank you.


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    The only thing I don’t see on your list is an antifungal that will kill of the candida. Oregano oil, grapefruit seed extract, caprylic acid (aka coconut oil), and SF722 undecenoic acid are goods ones to consider.

    What kind of probiotic are you taking? What count and how many strains?

    My only concern is that you will/could get a lot of gas from eating meat/protein regularly. If this does occur, I recommend a vitamin called zypan which will reduce or completely eliminate any ammonia production. The ammonia production is one of the things you want to avoid as much as possible.

    What supplement are you taking for your adrenal fatigue?

    Buckwheat should be OK but consider it a test food item like all of the others.

    Other than this the diet looks OK.

    Your energy will return in time. If you want to prevent or reduce die-off; a sauna, steam room, hot tub, or even hot bath can help your body sweat out those toxins.

    Hope this helps! Welcome to the forum!



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    Thanks for the reply Raster.

    I’ve been using coconut oil as my main anti-fungal, plus raw garlic. Is one clove a day enough on top of the coconut oil?
    with he oil I’m eating 3 teaspoons with each meal, so 9 tsp a day.
    I will look at oregano oil maybe next week.

    My adrenal supplement is called AdrenoMax by Xandria Williams. It has soya in I think but I can’t afford to not use it now I’ve got it. I got a tub of 90 capsules and take 2 a day so thought I’d finish the bottle and stop and see how I feel.

    Probiotic: Ultra Probioplex non dairy
    15 billion per capsule
    L Acidophilus NCFM and B Lactis


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    You will want/need to get a better probiotic in time, but for now finish this bottle.

    The coconut oil and garlic should be good antifungals; I would add SF722 or oregano oil as you progress.

    As far as the adrenal fatigue is concerned; I got tested for AF and it came back negative (I thought I had it). The low hormone levels did show that I did not snack enough and not chew my food enough. I don’t recommend taking AF supplements unless you specifically have been tested for it and under the guidance of a (naturopathic) doctor.


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    Hello fellow teacher. I feel your pain. I too teach. I get to school around 7AM and seldome leave before 9PM. Since I came down with this I have been forced to leave early and take care of myself.

    I wanted to share with you what I was eating especially at the start of the diet.

    2 egg omlet stuffed with tons of yummie stuff.
    1-2 tsp of olive oil in bottom of pan
    1 whole onion cooked down to clear and yummy
    2-3 cloves of garlic
    1/2 green pepper
    1/4 cup broccoli
    1/2 cup spinache
    cook this all till wilted and yummy.
    Scrambled 1-2 eggs and poured over veggies and made into a huge omlet 🙂

    Hard boiled egg
    Salad greens, celery, cucumber, green pepper, broccoli,cauliflower,avacado etc.
    Dressing at the start was fresh lemon
    I now use 2 cap fulls of Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with garlic and olive oil and want to lick my salad bowl clean when I’m done. LOL

    Snack: When kids leave and I’m working on classroom stuff
    Celery Sticks, Green peppers, cucumbers

    Cooked cabbage, egg plant sauteed in olive oil after being dipped in egg and then I was pretty full.

    Now I eat yogurt for lunch and huge salad when I get home. Sometimes I eat meat but very little. Once I added the yogurt, kefir, and buckwheat hot cereal, coconut bread I find I almost have too much to eat…can’t seem to eat enough. So it will get better. Best of luck to you.

    Side story: Tonight I was working and had a fried egg this am, 8oz greek yogurt for lunch and no mid afternoon snack..I was so hungry but needed to stay and work. About an hour after school let out a mom came in my room and said my class won a cookie party for selling the most cookie dough. She left a huge box of fresh baked warm chocoate chip cookies. I was so tempted. Those cookies sat on my desk for 3 hours until they had cooled and smell had dispersed….and I never even took a peek into the box. I’m so proud of myself as I was starving and could have tried one as a test to see how far I am….but I didn’t :).

    Hang in there and good luck. It will get better. I wish you the best.

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