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    Hi Everyone,

    I’m new here and will be starting the diet within the next two weeks. I’m researching supplements, vitamins, minerals and herbs.

    Based on the vitamin protocol, should I start taking them all at the same time?

    Molybdenum I’ll take before I start the diet along with milk thistle, nettle leaf and coconut oil.

    As far as antifungals, if I just get the coconut oil and sf722, do I need to alternate the caprylic acid, oil of oregano and red thyme oil? If so, what kind of red thyme oil is best, I can’t tell when I search it on amazon.

    What about vitamin c, a, d, d3, e, biotin, iodine, mineral supplements? Do I start them all at once and on the first day of the diet?

    Should I take the calcium orotate, magnesium and zinc in addition to the mineral supplement?

    I’m also looking at taking ashwaganda and 5-htp. Anyone taking both and is it ok to take both?

    Right now I’m only taking a prenatal vitamin, which I’ll stop taking.

    Lastly, any recommendations on brands to buy or it doesn’t really matter?

    Thanks for any advice, much appreciated!!



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    The best persons to ask is either Able or Raster. All the best, I am also new here.

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