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    This was a typical winter for me, 2 colds, 2 throat infections, 2-3 UTI’s, (4 Courses of antibiotics, 2 of which were at the same time) a constant battle with sinus allergies and eczema and always feeling sad and lethargic.

    This is how my life has been for as long as I can remember. But this year was my first year out of College, I moved to NYC and got my first job as a big kid and before 4 months of work, I had used ALL my sick days for the year. On my last sick day I decided to google “why am I always sick” I came across an article that had a list of things, including mold, bad estrogen (I should also mention I’ve been on the Pill for 11 years) and this thing called Candida. It had a link to a quiz to see if you had Candida, and I took it. I scored ridiculously high. So I did some more research and I found this website, and decided to start the diet right after the Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day Parade (I am 24 and live in NYC).

    I did the cleanse for about 3 day haha. The Bentonite Pysillium drink was so gross it made me vomit a couple times, it made me suuuuper constipated and I was drinking so much water I could barely get any work done cuz I was running to the bathroom so often.

    But stage 1 the detox has been pretty good. At first it was difficult to explain to my friends why I was drinking club soda and lime when I met them for drinks after work but I started to get really into the cooking all those yummy recipes on the website. My boyfriend is enjoying all my cooking as well. And the Best Part Is I feel great and I have noticed a significant change in my energy level.

    However now that I’m on Stage 2 I’ve started taking these Herbal Supplement (which are super expensive) and I haven’t noticed any of these “Die-off” symptoms. Also I realized that I have never had some of the common symptoms of Candida, like Yeast infections or Thrush. And It’s spring now and I remembered that I always feel really healthy and have more energy when spring arrives. I guess I’m starting to have some doubt.

    Also it is really hard to live in NYC and be social without having an occasional drink. I miss going out with the girls and dancing till 2 in the morning and then grabbing a slice of pizza to eat on the way home. There is a big BBQ Patio Keg party coming up and I’m basically going to have to bring my own food to eat and sit on the sidelines during the drinking games. It’s just so hard to think I have 4 more weeks before I can have my normal 20-something-in-NYC social life again. Especially now that I have doubts as to whether or not I actually have a Candida problem.

    I think I need a good pep talk.


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    Do you feel better since starting the diet? Are your symptoms subsiding etc.
    I have the same problem with drinks, I am also 20 something and all my friends love to socially drink. As do I. My favourite past time. For the last 2 years I have been back and forth with the diet because I never go past 2-3 weeks with the diet. As soon as I feel better I end up drinking or sometimes I don’t feel better and I drink due to the fact that I am sick of not being included in fun drink time!

    It’s really hard but its good to stick with it. You could be getting your symptoms due to a food alergy or some sort of underlying issue. The reason the diet is good is when you re-introduce the foods after a few months of cleansing you can do so slowly and see if you have reactions to foods.

    If you can stick to it now I would because dealing with it for years is no fun in my experience. I have finally just going for the full out cleanse I’m on week 5 now which is alot longer then I have done cuz I was fed up with the crap. Now I am feeling alot better. and just going to slowly bring back foods and see what happends. I’m also booking an appointment to see an alergiest. see if they can test me for food alergies.

    I also have had many doubts as to wether it was candida but after going back to normal food and feeling shitty again and going to doctors giving me tests with no results I just decided its the only thing that makes sense. No MD can figure it out. Then I seen a naturopath who told me it was candida.

    I also feel better in the spring summer, i think thats due to the sunshine. Being in colder climates and winter always makes me feel crappy. In the summer time I have more energy and feel better but normally still have my candida symptoms. Not this summer though. Cuz I am gettin this shiznit done and done!

    I hope I helped. Let me know if you want more info.


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    Yes I feel great! But it’s not like I felt awful 24/7 before. I felt fine in between infections and sometimes I felt good. Really the only that has changed is that I I haven’t had a sinus allergy attack since I started, I haven’t had an infection (throat or UTI) since I started, less PMS symptoms this month, and I seem to have more energy. But It’s only been a little over 3 weeks. I’ve gone longer than 3 weeks of no allergies and no infections before I started this diet. Plus it’s spring!! More hours of sunshine does wonders for my health and mood. So I’m wondering if it’s because of this strict diet, or I’m just hitting my normal healthy happy part of the year.

    Maybe I do have a food allergy, I mean I definitely have SEVERE sinus allergies. And no allergist has ever been able to explain my severe symptoms, because all my allergy tests came back negative or VERY mild reactions. So they all just say “Congrats you don’t have allergies” Which is a load of crap considering the many hours of my life spent in bed with tissues shoved up my nose, my nick name has always been sniffles, and I’m pretty sure I sneeze more than anyone on the planet. This is why I don’t like doctors anymore. They either say, you’re not sick, or they pump you up with antibiotics. Why would you need to go to medical school to do that? When I bring my list of symptoms to the doctor, they start going down the list and treat each one separately with just another pharmaceutical as if they are not related to each other at all. Back in my college town, I started becoming friends with my pharmacist because I was there ALL the time!

    Speaking of drugs. I’ve stopped taking all prescriptions except that darn birth control pill. now maybe this is for another topic somewhere but I really want to stop taking it. Problem is A: My boyfriend REALLY doesn’t want me to stop, and B: I started the pill when I was 13 because I had been to the hospital 2 times for burst ovarian cysts (worst pain of my life) and I have pretty much been on some form of it ever since. I stopped taking it for 2 months in college once to see what would happen. Honestly, It felt like I had bad menstrual cramps the entire 2 months. So I’m not sure if going off of it is even an option. However I suppose I can’t be on the Pill for the rest of my life… i do want kids someday. I don’t know, does anyone have any thoughts on this? Cuz I’m kinda stuck on that.

    That kinda turned into a long rant haha. But I am going to stick to this diet, and I have followed it almost perfectly so far (except I have eaten a little nitrate/nitrite free bacon, but it had less than 2% evaporated cane syrup so thats not too bad I don’t think) but I’m thinking one of the first things I might reintroduce is a tiny bit of vodka in a bloody Mary at this BBQ in 2 weeks haha.

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