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    Hi all,
    Firstly I’d just like to say how great it is to finally come across a site offering such great advice and support, I wish only to have found this site sooner.
    To start from the beginning, I was diagnosed with Candida when I was 15, (now 25) and had been a National athlete for many years but fell exceptionally ill and was diagnosed with M.E. (I believe as a result of both nutritionally advice to my parents to ‘up the carbs massively’ and several bouts of antibiotics treatments.)

    I also had great problems in relation to suspected Polycystic ovaries/Endometriosis and severe adult acne. As a very last resort and at the end of her tether, my mother luckily took me to a Osteopath who treated me for many intolerances and found that both my Kidneys and Liver had been failing me. I took to the Candida Diet great while I was living at home with my parents and couldn’t believe the turn around (although could never return to my competitive sport as it was just too late).

    However, I was misdiagnosed at the age of 20 in relation to my Endometriosis and was put of a huge course of the pill, I was instructed to take this for six months, without a break, and fell exceptionally ill again over the course of a summer term from Uni.I struggled from this for a number of years, and with my Wedding approaching two years ago, I decided enough was enough and went to Accupucture for the treatment of my Adult Acne (Candida was diagnosed yet again). But still, I never found the strength to put myself back into the lifestyle change that came with the Candida, until recently,(three weeks ago to be exact).

    It is truly unbelievable the changes that again I have seen, and I can’t believe I was so weak to not take the steps sooner. I have NO symptoms of my Endometriosis (I have been known to pass out in Department stores as my body goes into such severe contractions), and I have already lost 9lbs, the weight is genuinely just falling off me.
    The real question I have and would like your advice on, is that recently I have gone into a Health Food Store and have started taking a herbal supplement called Dida (from Holland and Barrett in the UK), and wondered what your thoughts were on this and if anyone else had used this supplement before? Additionally, I am taking Psyllium Husk capsules as I have been suffering from constipation since my change in diet, and Milk Thistle.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated, and again, thank you for all previous advice on this site. 🙂


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    The supplement called “Dida” isn’t going to hurt you (unless you happen to be allergic to one of the herbs), but on the other hand it isn’t going to cure you either. Unfortunately, the price of a supplement is one good way to get an idea of the potency and quality. When you consider that one small bottle of liquid oregano oil (a quality antifungal) can cost nearly $30 whereas a container of Dida, containing an entire list of herbs, etc. cost only $28, well this is unfortunately a sign that neither the quality nor quantity is in the product.

    You might find these two posts helpful with your treatment.

    Constipation Remedies:

    The following link contains the protocol that the forum follows, in case you’ve not seen it.



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    I have tried a few products from holland and barretts and do not rate them as I find they bulk their product up with ingredients that are probably not that wise to take on this diet. Below I have listed a few UK based web sites which you may find useful though I cannot vouch for the benefit of any one product.

    I hope you may find these useful.

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