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    Hi, This has been a really tough 2 days! started yesterday on the diet, and am feeling seriously bad, it’s like going off drugs! I never knew how much sugar I was eating, and now after 36hrs of not having any, I am feeling shaky, bad tempered and keep wandering aimlessly into the kitchen looking for something to eat that ISN’T sugar. I’m not hungry! had a really good omelette for breakfast and fish salad for lunch, but am craving like mad!! how long is this going to last???


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    I think you need to find something that is acceptable but also you like the taste of – as if it were a treat. Rice cakes did it for me.



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    I started yesterday and was feeling awful too, but I didn’t eat that much sugar before as I was trying to diet to lose weight. Although on Sunday before I started I did overload myself with sugar, bad carbs and caffeine because I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it again for some time.

    I am feeling a bit better today. Woke up with a headache but after taking some high strength paracetamol am feeling a bit better.

    I reckon feeling that way is probably a mixture of things including caffeine withdrawal and it’s a shock to the system making such drastic changes to your diet. It does make you feel like crying and giving up but the thing that’s keeping me going is knowing one day I will be free of this illness and be in much better health.

    I don’t think we are allowed rice cakes in stage one unless there are no additives and it’s made from brown rice, but we are allowed xylitol which I use in fruit tea and in plain yoghurt. That might help, but I reckon the cravings will go away in a few days once your body has adjusted to the massive change.


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    Cravings definitely get better with time. I find it’s important not to let myself get over-hungry. When I’m reeeeally hungry is when the sugar cravings will hit. I also find it helpful to have a servings of grain, veggies, etc. – something with a bit of carbs – when I’m having a sugar craving. Hang in there! It will get better.


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    Well im on my fourth week now and believe me it doesnt get easier.. not to put you off or anything! i found that having herbal teas helps the sugar cravings a little, try rooibos tea, it contains no caffiene so you can have a few a day, when i first tried it i thought ewwww but ive really grew to like it, its like a tutti frutti taste 🙂

    For snack i would suggest pumpkin seeds and almonds, hazelnuts are pushing it if you have too many but a small handful a day are acceptable. Also you should try organic rice cakes, theres a few toppings in the ‘candida recipes, snacks’ such as salsa, guacamolli, but if you want to be strict with this diet dont have more than 4 a day.

    Hope your coping okay, message me if you wanna talk or need some advice.

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