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    My 11 yr old daughter who has Down Syndrome has had a lot of serious GI problems over the past several years. She ended up in the hospital this spring with a severe infection in her gut, requiring over 5 hrs of surgery to clean her up. Of course, she was put on tons of antibiotics. But she had GI problems before this as well. The doctors have done lots of tests, but never one for Candida. After reading the symptoms, I feel she has a very good chance of having it. So, my husband and I have decided to put her on the diet. I am also going on it, as I currently have a yeast infection, am prone to them and also have Lupus. I did the water/spit test for myself, which came out positive.

    So, my question is….how am I going to do this for my daughter? She is so picky about eating and often doesn’t even want to eat. But what she will usually eat is bread or tortillas. She also likes fruit. So, looking at the diet, I don’t know what I’m going to be able to get her to eat. I feel strongly that if we can get her cleansed out and on this diet, she will start feeling better. She used to be so sweet…typical Down’s child. But she has become very aggressive, irritable and has shown symptoms of autism, which she did not have when she was younger. So, I really, really want to make this work…just to see if she starts becoming her old self. So, please help me with a workable diet for her to start out on. I did order the threelac for both of us, but beyond, that, not sure how I’m going to pull this off. She does like green beans and eats salad…but likes ranch dressing on it! She eats cucumbers and loves tomatoes. Will be waiting for the magical answers!



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    If you or your daughter have taken antibiotics, there is very high chance that you both have candida. Antibiotics remove the good and the bad flora in your body; so the number one thing you need is probiotics.

    The pumpkin bread is very good as well as the alternative breads. I am a picky eater myself and eat like an 11 year old; it was very hard to adjust to the diet…but after feeling really good from it, I just tough out the bad tasting foods.

    Threelac won’t cure anything and your basically throwing your money away (sorry to be harsh).

    I personally recommend HMF forte and HMF neuro as probiotics; I’d get these first thing. Undecoenic acid (mispell) is also very effective.

    We need to get you on a plan; I recommend visiting a naturopathic doctor for best results (remember they come out like the colors of the rainbow, so a good one is a must).

    I also heard Kale is good fried; sorta like french fries. Buckwheat tastes a lot like rice. After weeks on the diet, freshly made almond butter on rice crackers could probably be worked in (for me I couldnt handle it until week 16). Chicken sausage is a good replacement for hotdogs. Eggs can be prepared in a variety of ways. Check out the forum and other websites for candida recipes (remember what the bad ingredients are though).

    I recommend some Dr. Mcoomb, he talks about candida and down syndrome some and might help set you on course; he recommends fruit and beef tho and his own homemade supplements (don’t buy into his plan, but just listen to what he has to say).

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