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    I have recently discovered that I am possibly suffering from candida (I have been subjected to a period where I was prescribed alot of antibiotics and the last batch reall flared my symptoms!)

    Before starting the detox diet, for 2-3 weeks prior I kept to a diet where I followed the food list for stage 1. Following this I started the the detox option 2 and followed that rigidly until day 3 where I introduced steamed vegs as my energy levels were a wee bit low. I must admit I had suffered headached, slight nausea and itchiness however, the bloatedness (my real concern) had subsided. I continued diligently until last night where I had to drink the detox drink for the last time that day (day 5 of the detox program) unfortunately I couldnt drink it, my stomach just churned (I do have a sensitive stomach) and to prevent myself from vomiting I spat it out. I attempted to drink the detox drink again this morning but I just couldnt do it. I am wondering if these 5 days is ok in terms of eliminating the candida? If not, I have found out that the psyllium husk powder and bentonite clay comes in tablet form (the organic pharmacy) and was wondering if that would be effective too? Any suggestions before I buy it?

    Today I have also added raw salads to my diet and the sypmtoms of headaches, itchiness has subsided, i still feel a wee bit nausea but its managable as long as I dont drink the detox drink. My cravings for sweets had diminished before I started the detox… does that mean that maybe the majority of the candida has been eliminated and maybe I can continue with re-introducing food to my current diet?

    Please advice, any inpit would be apprecaited.


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    I started my cleanse about two days ago using option 3. I found it very hard to follow bc I had to keep chopping veggies either to make salads or to steam every time I got hungry. On the Second day I felt so weak so I cheated and ate natural peanut butter… a lot of it! It was sooooo good.

    Now that I am back on track, I have found that a combination of option 2 and 3 might carry me successfully through the detox. I will alternate between raw salads and my yummy soup. This is the recipe for my soup which is DELICIOUS!!!!

    -Half pot of water
    *6 green onions (bc I ran out of regular)
    -6 plum tomatoes
    -1 stalk of celery
    *several black cloves
    *4 garlic cloves ruff chopped
    broccoli florets and bark
    -1/6 of a cabbage
    -1 small red bell pepper
    -one carrot
    -one potato
    *a handful of cilantro (ruff chopped)
    *a handful of parsley (ruff chopped)
    *1/4 teas of oregano
    *1/4 teas of bay leaf
    -pinch of nutmeg
    -1/3 head of lettuce like greens (wanted to try it; but forgot the name. Its a little bitter so any thing like kale would work)
    *1 lemon juiced
    *Sea salt & fresh black pepper to taste
    **2 Hass avocados (most important flavor element)

    1. Rough chop all the vegetables and place all the ingredients except the avocados, carrot, and potatoes in the water and let it boil on med-high for about an hour.

    2. Add the potatoes and carrots for the last 10 minutes and then extract from the soup.

    3. When serving, place diced avocados on top of soup. This makes about 4 servings.

    I know the recipe is rough but I will tweak it once I have prepared it several times. It can probably be modified to include a variety of veggies but the most important is to keep the flavor elements which are starred.

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