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    Normally I’d eat a protein bar before/after playing hockey, then a Gatorade during, but obviously that is a no-no on the diet. Any alternative suggestions? Post-game nutrition is obviously easy, but something more portable for before/during the game?


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    A couple of boiled eggs are the easiest I can think of that have protein. Or if you are to the point where you can eat yogurt/kefir, those also have protein.

    Then during the game some water with lemon juice.

    Hope this helps. Maybe others have better suggestions. 🙂



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    The day before starting the diet I went on a 12-km jog through a hilly part of town. Two weeks into the diet and it took all my strength just to ride my bike 1.5km to school in the morning through a flat part of town. Needless to say, I didn’t have the strength for sports or even a daily jog for almost two months (I only recently regained the energy). So kudos to you for staying active!

    Besides consistent consumption of massive amounts of protein, whenever I need an extra energy bump I usually rely on an extra serving of buckwheat groats and millet (they’re easy to cook, can be eaten warmed up or chilled, and you can stick leftovers in the freezer for quick consumption later). I think part of what caused my low energy was the die-off, but I also suspect the low-carb aspect of the diet. Back in my high school cross country days, our coaches used to warn us to never go on the Atkins diet, and we would have carb-loading pasta dinners the night before races. I don’t know to what degree humans actually need carbs to function optimally, but I do know that your body isn’t going to adjust to a low-carb diet overnight after a lifetime of carb-heavy eating.

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